Michael Korvac

Fighting Amazing
Agility Unearthly
Strength Unearthly
Endurance Class 3000
Reason Monstrous
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Class 3000

Health 3250
Karma 3095
Resources Class 1000
Popularity 0


Mental Powers: Korvac can use all mental powers listed in the Players handbook and The Ulimate Powers Book with Class 1000 rank.
Energy Manipulation: Korvac can create and control all forms of energy at Shift-Y level. Some power stunts displayed include:
Project energy or force bolts (capable of slaying true immortals) at Unearthly rank.
Create personal forcefield: Shift-X
Cosmic Awareness: Class 1000
Healing: Class 1000, capable of resurrecting the dead.
Invulnerabilities: Class 1000 resistance vs Heat, Cold, Radiation, Toxins and Diseases
Alter Ego: as a disguise to prevent foes from suspecting him.
Fighting Excellent
Agility Remarkable
Strength Excellent
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Monstrous
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Class 3000

Health 100
Karma 3095




Carina: Collectors daughter


In an alternate future, Michael Korvac was a computer technician on Earth when it was invaded by the alien Badoon. Korvac offtered his services to his captures instead of rebelling, and was soon allowed to oversee the main computer system governing the Badoon homeworld. Working too hard, he collapsed in exhaustion on duty, and his supervisor, as punishment, had Korvac’s upper body grafted onto a mobile computer module. Korvac, enraged, used his new-found cybernetic abilities to kill his overseers.

Korvac then decided to tap fully into the Badoon computer and eventually take over the empire himself. Before he could do this, he was taken into our time by the Grandmaster as a pawn to fight against the Defenders. Korvac took the opportunity to siphon off the Grandmaster’s energies and, although defeated, returned to his time more powerful than ever. There, he recruited aliens as henchmen and plotted to take over the whole galaxy. He soon fought the Guardians of the Galaxy and a time-displaced Thor, but escaped into our 20th century, where he detected Galactus’ ship, and soon absorbed enough energies to rival Galactus. Finally, Korvac decided to take over the universe as a benevolent dictator, planning on eliminating injustice and chaos.

In the meantime, he decided to return to our 20th century Earth and live comfortably among his own kind, and soon met and fell in love with Carina Walters, who was actually sent to spy on Korvac, being the daughter of the Collector (friend of the Grandmaster.) The Guardians of the Galaxy followed him into our time, and allied themselves with the Avengers. Starhawk confronted Korvac but was easily defeated and sent away with no knowledge of the event.

The Collector, in the meantime, tried to “collect” the Avengers to save them from Korvac’s ultimate ascention, but Korvac killed him with a long-range mental blast. The Avengers and Guardians investigated the attack and found Korvac, who decided to kill the heroes since they would try to defeat him eventually. After killing each attacking hero, Korvac looked to Carina for support, but saw her brief hesitation and doubt. Korvac took this to mean that his total control of the universe would be equally as pointless, and rather than live in futility, he simply shut his own life out of existence, and restored the lives of the heroes at the same instant. Carina lashed out at the heroes as well, but also realized the futility of it all and committed suicide.

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