Ulysses Klaw

Fighting Good
Agility Excellent
Strength Remarkable
Endurance Monstrous
Reason Excellent
Intuition Good
Psyche Typical

Health 135
Karma 36
Resources Typical
Popularity -3


Body Transformation: Klaw’s organic body has been irreversibly replaced with a material sonic energy form. Though solid, this form does not need to eat, drink, breathe, or sleep. It cannot be damaged except in certain specific cases.
Exposure to vacuum inflicts Remarkable damage each round (sound must have a medium to travel through).
Certain frequencies can cancel Klaw’s natural vibrations. Exposure to these frequencies causes Klaw to make an Endurance FEAT or fall unconscious. He remains unconscious until he is removed from the presence of the cancellation wave.
Attacks with weapons of sound dampening Vibranium inflict full and normal damage.
Presence of more than 10 lbs. of sound dampening Vibranium causes Endurance FEAT or loss of all health.
Sonic attacks will reduce Klaw’s Health by an amount equal to the intensity of the attack. Klaw may not be affected by other physical and energy attacks, though he may still be stunned or slammed (kill results are considered stuns). He has Incredible rank Body Armor for determining the effects of physical attacks. Should Klaw’s Health be reduced to 0, he loses corporeal shape and is absorbed by his sonic converter.
Sonic Converter: Klaw’s right hand has been replaced with a prosthetic device made of steel and Vibranium (Incredible material strength). This device can manipulate sound in the following distinct fashions:
Sonic blasts, 10-area range, Incredible intensity.
Sonic force field projection, Incredible intensity.
Create sonic objects, Remarkable material strength.
Create sonic creatures, quasi-living creatures of sound that Klaw may control. These creatures take damage normally, and have the following stats:
Fighting Typical
Agility Typical
Strength Remarkable
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Not Applicable
Intuition Not Applicable
Psyche Not Applicable

Health 72
Karma Not Applicable


Destroying the sonic converter forces Klaw to make a Psyche FEAT roll or become unconscious.






Ulysses Klaw was a scientist specializing in applied sonic physics. Many years ago, he was assigned a project to produe a sonic converter that cound convert sound waves into physical mass. In order to procure a key component, Klaw organized and led several mercenaries to infiltrate the African nation Wakanda to steal a deposit of vibranium. Coming into conflict with the Wakandans, Klaw ordered his men to kill the leader, T’Chaka, in cold blood. T’Challa, later the Black Panther, witnessed his father’s death, and used Klaw’s own sonic blaster against him, ultimately shattering Klaw’s right hand. Klaw fled back to civilization, and acquired a claw-like prosthetic which had a sonic-force blaster built into it.

Returning many years later to Wakanda, Klaw was opposed by the new ruler, the Black Pather, and the Fantastic Four. At the end of the battle, Klaw threw himself onto his massive sonic converter he had brought along, and was transformed into a creature of “living sound.” He was still defeated by the Fantastic Four, but was later freed from prison by the first Crimson Cowl (Ultron) to join the Masters of Evil and fight the Avengers, although they were defeated. Klaw has since embarked on many villains deeds, including a partnership with Solarr to defeat the Avengers, allying with the extradimensional Sheenarians to help them invade Earth (stopped by Ka-zar,) finding a new body for the discorporated Molecule Man, and often battling the Fantastic Four, and even once the Impossible Man.

In a battle with Black Panther, the Panther turned Klaw’s own sonic blaster on himself (deja vu,) and Klaw’s sound body was apparently disintegrated. His sonic converter was then taken to Project: Pegasus for research, when Solarr, another captive of the Project, was accidently freed. Solarr then found Klaw’s device and ended up reconsistuting Klaw’s body. Their escape attempt failed, however, and Klaw was imprisoned for further study. Later, when Dazzler was having her powers tested at the Project, Klaw tricked her into setting him free. Ultimately, Dazzler used her mutant powers to absorb Klaw’s sound body (and, effectively, his consciousness.) Later, when abord Galactus’ spaceship, Klaw’s body and essence was absorbed by the alien technology when Dazzler used her powers inside.

When Galactus, among other heroes and villains, were assembled by the Beyonder for study, Dr. Doom inadvertantly freed a slightly more insane Klaw from Galactus’ ship. Doom then used Klaw’s connection to the alien technology to siphon off massive amounts of the ship’s energy, eventually confronting the Beyonder. Doom believed he successfully defeated the Beyonder, who actually hid inside Klaw’s form, although the Beyonder later restored his power into himself and sent Doom and Klaw to Earth.

Presumably, Klaw has regained his sanity, and has clashed with several heroes back on Earth, one time coming into conflict with the Molecule Man and Volcanna on behalf of AIM.

Most recently, Klaw was among the villains assembled by the newest Crimson Cowl in the newest incarnation of the Masters of Evil, only to be ultiamtely defeated by the Thunderbolts.

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