Wilson Fisk

Fighting Incredible
Agility Good
Strength Excellent
Endurance Incredible
Reason Excellent
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Excellent

Health 110
Karma 50
Resources Typical
Popularity -15


Body Pesistance: Through his disciplined fighting regime, Kingpin is largely muscle, not fat. He has the equivilent of Poor body armor.


Cane: He usually carries a walking stick made from Remarkable materials containing a 3 shot laser with a range of 2 areas capable of inflicting Excellent damage. The walking stick also carries 2 doses of Amazing intensity knockout gas that fills the immediate area. Endurance FEAT is required or sleep for 1-10 hours.
Diamond Pin Stick: Kingpin wears a diamond encrusted pin on his lapel. This is capable of injecting a single dose of sleep poison of Amazing intensity.
Other weapons with Amazing abilities
Minions: Kingpin rarely travells alone. He maintains a private army of goons that are at his beck and call. He will travel with a minimum of 4 such goons.


Martial Arts A, B, C, Wrestling, Business/Finance


Underworld, Various Crime Bosses


Fisk was a poor child growing up in the slums of New York City, and killed a man when he was 12. He was always determined to be the best at whatever he did, and fanatically trained his body in many martial arts as well as his mind in many theories, including political science (from stolen books, of course.) Forming a small gang, he quickly built them into a prominent criminal force that eventually became one of the largest ciminal syndicates in New York, with Fisk in charge of it all. During this rise of power, Fisk met and married the socialite Vanessa, becoming a socialite himself, and had a son, Richard.

The Kingpin of Crime took advantage of the then-neophyte Spider-Man’s retirement to start a massive crime wave that would crush his rivals, the Maggia. Unfortunately, his plans backfired when Spider-Man resurfaced, who even stopped Kingpin’s order on the life of J Jonah Jameson, who then used the Daily Bugle to expose the Kingpin. The crime ring seemed to fall apart.

Kingpin then tried to use his HYDRA connections to try to undermine the United States government and then rule the world, but he left HYDRA when he saw the Nazi Red Skull involved with the organization.

Soon, Vanessa demanded Fisk to retire from crime, and Fisk agreed, retiring to Japan and even agreeing to turn over incriminating documents on his former friends. However, the leaders of Kingpin’s former crime ring wanted to stop this, and kidnapped and apparently killed Vanessa. Fisk then re-assumed his leadership, leaking files (through lawyer Matt Murdock, Daredevil) that got many of his competitors jailed. Fisk used the opportunity to make his own crime ring stronger than ever. Eventually, Kingpin tried to set up his own mayoral candidate, and would have succeeded if not for Daredevil, who found Vanessa alive and would return her only if Kingpin withdrew his mayoral candidate from running for office. He did, but Vanessa remained virtually autistic.

Later, Kingpin used Karen Page’s drug addiction to acquire information on her boyfriend, Daredevil, and thus learned his true identity. Kingpin used this information to destroy Murdock’s legal career and ultimately rendered him virtually penniless and to the point of insanity. Getting better, Kingpin continued to send super-thugs, such as Typhoid Mary, on attacks against Daredevil, but Murdock, after a long while, got back at Fisk, exposing him and his idenity, rendering him penniless, and taking the recovering Vanessa into hiding in Europe. The broken Fisk seemed to have come full circle from his squalid upbringing.

Under circumstances to be fully revealed, Fisk became a part of the Stark/Fujikawa corporate empire, surfacing in an East Asian branch, and weilding power and influence as he had before, although not quite on the same scale/geography. He eventually came up against the X-men and their erstwhile companion, Shang-Chi. The heroes were hot on the trail of the Elixir Vitae which they thought could be used as a cure for the Legacy Virus. Unfortunately, the information about the Elixir was in the hands of the Kingpin, who wanted to give it up only for its ultimate monitary value. Storm ended up destroying the Elixir rather than to let Fisk get rich off it.

Fisk used recently used his position at Stark/Fujikawa to re-establish his empire in New York.

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