X’ ian Coy-Manh

Fighting Good
Agility Typical
Strength Typical
Endurance Good
Reason Good
Intuition Good
Psyche Monstrous

Health 32
Karma 95
Resources Good
Popularity 0


Possession: Unearthly ability to take over the minds of humans, mutants and animals. She must be in the same area as her target when she attempts to take control. The target gets a Psyche FEAT against the power’s rank to avoid succumbing. A similar FEAT is allowed every half hour to shake the effects of a successful possession. Karma may perform the following power stunts:
Perform actions w/both her physical form and the possessed form on a successful Psyche FEAT.
Possess multiple targets in the same area on a Red Psyche FEAT roll. The intensity of the possession is reduced -1CS per additional target after the first.
Sensory Link: X’ian may establish a partial possession and gain the feeling’sand sensations of the target.
If the possessed form is reduced to less than five Health, killed or rendered unconcious, Karma is driven back into her own body and can do nothing for 5-10 rounds due to the shock.
Telepathy: Incredible
Psi-Screen: Unearthly


Bi-Lingual (Vietnamese & English), Knives, Pistols; Survival, Administration, Finance, Leadership


New Mutants, Bratpack, Gladiators


Xi’an and her twin brother, Tran Coy Manh, were both born mutants sometime during the Vietnamese war and their family was forced to flee when South Vietnam fell to Communist rule. Tran was the only one rescued, however, and Xi’an was forced to use her powers to save her family and help them escape. Unfortunately, she was unable to save them from the Thai pirates that attacked and ravaged the ship, and her mother died when finally a US Navy ship came to their rescue.

Xi’an was reunited with her father and brother in America, when she learned that her father had become a successful crime lord. She refused to join him, however, and he kidnapped Xi’an’s younger siblings to force Xi’an to his service. Xi’an instead used her powers to possess Spider-Man and to use him in saving her little brother and sister, but Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four confronted her. They agreed, of course, to help, but were instead turned upon each other when Tran used his powers to force the FanFour to attack Spider-Man. In order to save Spider-Man, Xi’an killed her brother by absorbing his life essence into herself. She was soon reunited with her little brother and sister.

Xi’an, now Karma, was soon approached by Charles Xavier, who wanted Karma to be the first of and the leader of his New Mutants, while learning to control her power herself. She agreed, and served a long period alongside him, becoming a secretary of sorts to Prof. X.

Unfortunately, during a battle with the Viper, Karma was seperated from the rest of the team, who thought her to be drowned. Actually, she was used by the criminal Amahl Farouk, now the Shadow King, who possessed her body much like she did others. Farouk used his and Karma’s own powers to carve a criminal empire, and he indulged his appetites to cause Karma to become obese. The New Mutants came to his attention when Sunspot and Magma were captured to become gladiators in Farouk’s arena-game. The rest of the team freed their friends and learned of Karma’s predicament, although Farouk escaped and soon enslaved the Mutants and the X-man Storm. Eventually, his control was loosened, and Farouk and Karma fought a psychic battle, which made Farouk flee back to the astral plane.

Very shortly afterwards, the New Mutants, Storm, and Karma were kidnapped to Asgard and ultimately seperated in both space and time. The rest of her team found Karma after she lived months in the past, shedding her considerable girth. Karma served with the team for another period of time, until she learned of the disappearance of her brother and sister, when she left to find them, winding up in San Fransciso and then Madripoor, where she stayed with her uncle.

Karma then encountered the wandering Wolverine, and helped him out on a mission. Later, she was kidnapped as part of the “Younghunt” and was rescued by X-force. Later still, Karma’s brother was kidnapped because of his mutant legacy, and the Beast teamed up with Karma to save him, after which she returned to Madripoor.

Karma remains in Madripoor, where she uses her criminal contacts and skills to thwart the plans of her uncle and Madripoor’s corrupt government.

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