Kane Garrison

Fighting Incredible
Agility Remarkable
Strength Incredible
Endurance Incredible
Reason Good
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Good

Health 150
Karma 40
Resources Good
Popularity 0


Kane’s powers derive from bionic replacement parts which contain a wide variety of devices, some of which are identified below:
Body Armor: Kane’s bionic body parts possess and inherant resistance to injury providing Good body armor for these sections.
Regeneration: Kane’s bionic body parts are self-repairing. Consider this as Poor regeneration.
Kane possesses a bionic replacement for his left eye. This gives the following abilities:
Energy Detection: Excellent
Thermal Vision: Incredible
Hologram Projector: Kane can project Excellent holograms from his eyes.
Kane’s arms are cybernetic prosthetics and offer the following abilities:
Plasma Generators: Kane has two plasma projectors that do Remarkable damage each.
Detachable fists: Kane can shoot his fists up to 1 area they do Remarkable damage each.
Shapechange: Limited to his arms becoming organtic in appearance.
Shield: Kane’s arms can produce large organic metal shields for Remarkable protection
Electricity Emmision: He can generate electricity from his metal parts to give an Incredible shock an assailant
Kane’s legs are also bionic which give him the following abilities:
Hyper Running: Excellent
Hyper Leaping: Incredible


Detective/Espionage, Military, All Martial Arts, Marksman


Six Pack, Copycat


Garrison Kane’s early life is a mystery, although at some point he hooked up with the members of the Six Pack as a capable mercenary. Kane was the youngest member of the Six Pack, and was trained in all forms of armed and unarmed combat. He seemed to have a mentor-student relationship of sorts with Hammer. While Kane tended to be slightly immature, he didn’t mess up too much, and was a skilled mercenary. On one fateful mission, Cable led the Pack into a hidden base, which was not in their contract. He was looking for something that he downloaded onto a disk. Then the team was ambushed and confronted by Stryfe, a mutant terrorist and Cable’s nemesis. Stryfe grabbed Kane by the neck and offered to trade his life for the disk. Cable refused to give Stryfe his disk back, and even shot Hammer in the back when Hammer tried to give in. Then Stryfe teleported away and blew up with base. Kane was caught in the blast and buried under tons of rubble.

Kane was finally found and dug out by the Weapon X project. He was equipped with cybernetic prosthetics to replace his lost his arms and legs. Kane’s bionic arms possessed a wide range of attack capabilities, including lasers, plasma bolts and especially detachable (and controllable) hands. His legs were also bionic and gave him extra footspeed and jumping ability.

Though the trap that crippled him was set by Stryfe, Kane blamed his pain and suffering on Cable, who had left him behind. Years later, Kane discovered that Stryfe had Cable’s face, and confronted Cable and fought him until Cable convinced him to join him in hunting Stryfe down again. Kane reluctantly agreed, and when they confronted Stryfe, Kane’s bionics were destroyed, but this time Cable took his wounded friend into the future, where his arms and legs were replaced with advanced techno-organic technology. Besides their offensive capabilities, they can also morph into a synthetic skin, allowing Kane more of a normal life than ever before.

Upon his return Kane retired from the tumultuous life he led and has begun a relationship with Copycat and settled down as an actor in San Francisco.

However, recently Kane was seen working with A.I.M., and came into conflict with Wolverine and Alpha Flight. His true allegiances and intentions are now a mystery.

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