Juggernaut II

Juggernaut II
Identity: Zane Yama

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Poor
Strength Unearthly
Endurance Unearthly
Reason Excellent
Intuition Typical
Psyche Poor

Health 234
Karma 26
Resources Typical
Popularity 0

Invulnerability: J2 has body armor that gives Unearthly protection from physical and energy attacks, radiation, toxins, corrosives, cold, heat, and gasses. J2 wears his father’s Unearthly material strength helmet and skullcap of mystic material, these provide Unearthly protection against psionic attacks.
Self-Sustenance: No need to eat, breathe or drink and he is unaffected by disease.
Regeneration: J2 can recover 100 points of health but only in any round he is not injured again.
Movement: Juggernaut can move 2 areas/round and he should be treated as Class 1000 material to be stopped. He pays no attention to force field or objects of less than In strength. Those of greater force will slow him down to 1 area/round.
Alter Ego: Can shift between Zane and J2 by concentrating for a single round. There seems to be an as yet undetermined time limit on remaining in his J2 form.

Fighting Feeble
Agility Poor
Strength Poor
Endurance Typical

Health 16




Montana Gold, Uncanny X-People, Jarvis


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