Identity: Jubilation Lee

Fighting Excellent
Agility Incredible
Strength Typical
Endurance Excellent
Reason Typical
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Excellent

Health 86
Karma 46
Resources Feeble
Popularity 0

Fireworks:Jubilee has the ability to fire plasma from her hands. She can control the direction, intensity, brightness and time of detonation of these “fireworks” and can also reabsorb them harmlessly into her body. She has the ability to affect things on a sub-atomic level, but fears using her powers to this extent. She can perform the following:

Blind targets of her choice in one area with Remarkable effect.
Inflict up to Amazing Plasma damage
Eemit Remarkable Light and Heat within 3 areas.
She may project beyond 3 areas however each additional area causes -1CS intensity.

Mental Invisibility: Incredible


Acrobatics, Tumbling, Martial Arts E, Crime, First Aid


X-Men, Generation X, X-Corps


Born in Beverly Hills to successful emigrant parents, Jubilee was left mostly to her own devices. With no real adult supervision she quickly became a ‘mallrat’ and was in frequent trouble with mall security. She attended the Beverly Hills Preparation School where she developed a love of gymnastics that stands by her even now. Despite a form of dyslexia which made it difficult for her to work with numbers, Jubilee achieved straight As at the school.

Jubilee Jubilee’s mutant powers manefested themselves on her twelfth birthday when she was trying to escape mall security. A few months later, her parents died. Jubilee was told that they had lost their money in stock market fall and died in a car crash, but later discovered that they had been murdered. After her parent’s death, she was sent to California County Juvenile Hall, where she showed no respect for authority and learned how to defend herself. To avoid being sent to relatives in Communist China, Jubilee ran away and set up home in a mall, where she used her powers to entertain the crowds. Living off the money this provided, Jubilee continued her habit of having run-ins with mall security, mainly for petty shoplifting offences.

It is unknown how long she lived like this, but it all came to an end when she was captured by a group of mutant hunters known as M-Squad. Although her captivity lasted for only a few minutes, it changed her life. When Jubilee was rescued by Storm, Rogue, Psylocke and Dazzler of the X-Men, she decided to follow them through a portal which had appeared in the mall. On the other side she was verbally greeted by the enigmatic Gateway, who directed her down a hole. Following his instructions, Jubilee found herself in the basement of the X-Men’s Australian base.

At first, Jubilee hid her presence from the X-Men, stealing clothes and food to survive. When Wolverine was attacked by Donald Pierce and the Reavers she came to his aid, finally revealing herself. Following this, she travelled around Asia with him for several months. This trip cemented their close relationship, a bond that continues today. It has since been revealed that Jubilee blew up a house in Japan using her powers and was so shocked that she now holds her mutant ability somewhat in fear.

Jubilee in her X-Men Uniform Upon her return from Asia, Jubilee joined the X-Men and was assigned to the Blue Team. The team quickly became her family, with both Wolverine and Professor Xavier as father-figures.

After her kidnapping by the Phalanx, Jubilee decided to leave the X-Men and join the newly-founded Generation X. She hoped that her time as a member of the new team would help her to control her powers and become a better leader. In fact, at first she naturally assumed that she, as the only student who had been an X-Man, would be the unchallenged leader of the team. She soon realised that this would not happen and found her place amongst the others. Towards the end of her time with Generation X, Jubilee was proving herself to be a capable leader and strategist.

When the team disbanded, Jubilee moved to LA with teammate, Angelo Espinoza. Here, she pursued a movie career and was fairly successful, though her roles were very limited and Angelo believed that she was being exploited. Jubilee seems to have realised that he was right and left LA to become part of Banshee’s X-Corps. Later, both Jubilee and Angelo were crucified by a mutant-hating group, but only Jubilee survived the experience. After the death of her close friend, Jubilee was plagued by guilt, but seems to be coming to terms with her grief. She now seems to be a member of the X-Men yet again.

Background from: http://husk.cacophany.com/

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