Identity: Hallie Takahama

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Amazing
Strength Good
Endurance Incredible
Reason Typical
Intuition Typical
Psyche Typical

Health 130
Karma 18
Resources Feeble
Popularity 0

Bio-Electric Energy Transformation: Jolt transforms into a bio-electric being with Incredible protection from physical and energy damage.
Resistance: Jolt’s new form provides her with Unearthly resistance to Electricity
Energy Touch: She has a great amount of natural energy and can inflict Incredible damage upon touch from her ‘bio-electric jolt’.
Hyper-Running: Jolt can run at Incredible land speed (7 areas/round).
Multiple attacks: For the purposes of multiple attacks, Jolt’s Fighting is Incredible

Out of her Bio-Electric Form, Jolt’s has a stutter and paralysis


Student, Martial Arts B, Trivia (Avengers)


Thunderbolts, Redeemers


Robert and Jane Takahama moved with their daughter to New York City from Ojai, California, for a chance at a better life. Because of her father’s work at the United Nations and her mother’s psychiatric practice, Hallie grew up in relative luxury and comfort. That all changed on her 15th birthday, when the menace known as Onslaught killed her parents, razed her home and destroyed her neighborhood during his attempt to take over the world.

In the aftermath, the mad geneticist Arnim Zola abducted Hallie, along with a number of other children. She was subjected to experiments that made her feel as if she were being torn apart from the inside. The procedures made her faster and stronger, filling her to bursting with energy. At the first opportunity, Hallie used her new powers to escape. She then sought out the Thunderbolts, who returned with Hallie to rescue the other captives and defeat Zola. Subsequently, Hallie adopted the name Jolt and joined the team.

During this time, the young hero led a double life: At school, she was the surly Hallie Shimosato; once the bell rang, she was Jolt. She and her teammates defeated the Secret Empire and the Imperial Forces, the Crimson Cowl, and Graviton — and hunted down the Hulk. Ironically, she died not in the guise of Jolt, but as her alter ego: Hallie was murdered after school while she and her friends were at a coffeehouse.

Jolt’s Thurderbolts’ teammate Techno stole her body from the morgue, hoping to isolate the course of her biokinetic powers. His experiments caused a regenerative effect that revitalized Jolt, transforming her into a being seemingly suffused with bioelectric energy.

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