Identity: Haroun ibn Sallah Rashid

Fighting Good
Agility Excellent
Strength Good
Endurance Excellent
Reason Excellent
Intuition Typical
Psyche Typical

Health 60
Karma 32
Resources Good
Popularity 4

Rocket: Jetstream is a mutant who can generate thermochemical energy and release it from his skin This release is accompanied by plasma. So far Jetstream can only generate this energy in one direction, beneath him. This causes Jetstream to thrust into the air like a rocket at Good speed. Jetstream can also using this power to charge an opponent in which case he does Remarkable damage.
Bionics: In addition to allowing him to contain, focus and control his power, he has bionic systems that provide the following benefit:

Thermal Vision: Good
Telescopic Vision: upto 1 mile away clearly.
Internal radio: Transscever upto 20 miles
Backpack: Normail sized backpack can fold out from his ribcage.


Bi-lingual: Moroccan and English




Jetstream was born in Morocco, and was a Berber Moor, though little else is known about his past. haroun had the ability to project rocket blasts downward, in the direction of his feet, and could fly at speeds approaching Mach 1.

When Haroun’s ability to project rocket blasts from the lower half of body first manifested itself, he enjoyed using his powers to fly, but shortly thereafter, his body was badly burned by his blast force. The Hellfire Club apparently gave Jetstream bionic legs and other body parts; in return (or in gratitude) he agreed to serve the group. He was also provided with electronic guidance and surveillance components which helped stabilize and control his flight.
Jetstream spoke both English and Arabic fluently, yet his proud, combative and headstrong manner always tended to rub the other Hellions in the wrong direction. His condescnding manner prevented him from becoming close to the other Hellions, and as such they almost always called him by his codename. However they understood that he followed his own code, and was an honorable warrior.

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