Professor Miles Warren

Fighting Good
Agility Remarkable
Strength Excellent
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Good
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Excellent

Health 90
Karma 50
Resources Excellent
Popularity 0



Jackal Costume
Incredible Body Armor: Remarkable vs. Physical, Energy, Shooting and Edge.
Claws: Incredible Edge, laced with a knock out drug with lasts for 1-10 rounds. Victim must make a Red Enduracne FEAT vs. being knocked unconscious by Remarkable
Shock Device: Incredible Electrical shock to anyone that touches him


Cloning, Biology, Physics, Chemistry




Miles Warren was a biochemsitry porfessor at Empire State University who taught undergraduate student Peter Parker, who was secretly the costumed crimefighter Spider-Man, and Parker’s then-girlfriend, Gwen Stacey. Warren felt an affection for Stacey which, as time passed, became an obsession that Warren believed to be paternal in nature. When Stacey died as a result of Spider-Man’s conflict with the original Green Goblin, Warren was grief-stricken. Warren believed the news media which said that Spider-Man was responsible for Stacey’s death, even though the charges were later retracted.

Before Stacey’s death, Warren had collected cell samples from members of his class. Warren surreptitously used cell samples from Stacey and Parker to create clones of both. When Warren’s assistant tried to persuade him against such practices, Warren killed her. Unable to accept his actions, Warren’s sanity slipped, creating a seperate personality called the Jackal.

The Jackal yearned for vengence against Spider-Man, a jealous perversion of his affection for Stacey, and learned of Parker’s secret identity due to his clone’s physiology. Aging Stacey’s clone to the age just before her death, the Jackal planned to use her as a psychological weapon.

The Jackal also once teamed with with the vigilante known as Punisher under the pretense as an avenger of the underworld, in an attempt to make Punisher kill Spider-Man, who was then suspected of murdering Norman Osborn. Later, the Jackal began entertaining notions of taking over New York City, and even went so far as to pit Spider-Man, Doctor Octopus, and Hammerhead against one another, hoping one would destroy the otehr. Later still, Jackal used the wrestler-turned-villain known as Grizzly to capture Parker, but as Spider-Man, Parker turned the tables on the two.

When Jackal revealed the Stacey clone to Spider-Man, it was during another team-up, this time with the villain Tarantula. Tarantula tried to kill Spider-Man, but he escaped and later captured Tarantula, only to be caputred himself by the Jackal, who revealed his true identity as Warren. Jackal challenged Spider-Man to a final showdown, where Spider-Man faught his own clone while Stacey’s clone watched and a bomb counted down. Witnessing the battle, Stacey’s clone broke free of its hypnotic control, and challenged Warren with his original murder. Shaken with the realization of his schitzophrenia, Warren freed his captives, but was caught in the bomb’s explosion and died in the blast.

Previous to this final showdown, Warren created a clone of himself if he should die. This clone later became the monstrous being known as Carrion.

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