Ironman – Skin

Ironman – Skin
Identity: Anthony Stark

Fighting Incredible
Agility Remarkable
Strength Unearthly
Endurance Unearthly
Reason Incredible
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Good

Health 270
Karma 70
Resources Monstrous
Popularity 35





MARK 20 ARMOR: This armor’s main difference from its predecessors is its sheer size. No longer does the suit seem to contour to Tony’s body but rather makes Iron Man have a larger presence. The new armor comes after Tony’s last armor became Sentient and with Tony’s need to rebuilt his armor part by part. The armor is powered by a Beta Particle Generator and solar power converters and controlled by a Cybernetic Interface and Battle Computer to enhance reastions wthen in combat.
The golden sections of Iron Man consists of S.K.I.N, flexible elastic alloy that can be manipulated to conform to any desired shape. It is lightweight but very dense and is harder than titanium. The strength of S.K.I.N. approaches low-grade adamantium. S.K.I.N. can be contracted to fit into a small container or stretched/shaped into another form. The alloy’s mysterious properties were developed by Askew Technologies and the exact elements incorporated into the S.K.I.N. remain unknown. Tony has set up the S.K.I.N. of his armor to be stored in a small container. On his command the S.K.I.N. spills out and assumes its default armor configuration.
The red parts of Iron Man are where Iron Man stores his weapons and equipment.
Body Armor: Unearthly strength material provides upto Unearthly protection from physical and energy damage.
Cloaking Device: Gives the armor the illusion of invisibility. Cloaking utilizes a great deal of energy and can only be utilized when the armor is not in combat or is not performing other strenuous activities.
Electro Magnetic Pulse: The EMP shuts down all electrical devices (and all but Iron Man’s life support/sensors) in 1 area for 6 minutes.
Energy Absorbtion: External converter that transforms a variety of energy forms into usable power for the armor. It can absorb up to 300 points of energy for enhancing his strength or weapons systems, raising them to Shift-X for 1 round. He can absorb incoming attacks on a Yellow or better Intuition FEAT.
Boot Jets: High-speed triple source gyro-stabilized turbines provide Amazing air speed. This can be temporarily enhanced to Unearthly by re-reouting energy from other systems.
Magnetism: Magnetically control metal items at Incredible ability.
Repulsor Rays: Laser-guided particle beam emission units mounted in the palm of hand produce Unearthly Force or Energy damage. This can be temporarily enhanced to Shift-X by re-reouting energy from other systems.

Iron Man is able to use his repulsors in a ‘wide beam’ pattern as an area of effect weapon. He is able to effect upto 1 area with a decrease of -2 CS in energy output (IE: Unearthly to Amazing damage)

Auto-Polarizing Lenses: Incredible resistance to light attacks. Blindness only lasts 1 round maximum.
Sensors: Gain a three-dimensional picture of his environment through the use of radar and sonar energy at Amazing effect.
Multiband Radio: Ability to transmit and recieve radio communications on all standard bands with a 200 mile range. On a Yellow Reason FEAT he can tap into secured transmissions.
Uni-Beams: Multi-band light and force beam emitter. Can be adjusted for a variety of effects such as:

Heat Beam: Amazing
Laser: Amazing
Light Beam: Monstrous
Tractor Beam: Monstrous
Holographic Projector: Excellent

Sonic Array: Can fire Incredible intensity sonic energy with a 10 area range capable of temporarily knocking out anyone with in range.
Probes/Smart Bombs: Housed in the gauntlets and upper chest armor segment serving the dual function of weapon and sensor array. Gain a three-dimensional picture of his environment with Amazing intensity.
Energy Blade: Similar in appearance to Captain America’s [former] photon shield. The Energy Blade is emitted from the gauntlets and is capable of inflicting Shift-X damage. Is may also be flattened into a shield, providing Shift-Y protection. A low-power version of the shield can be spread over Tony’s entire armor enhancing protection to Shift-X. Use of the energy blade limits Ironman’s offensive capablities -2CS.
Life Support: The armor contains an internal recyclable air supply, sufficent for 3 days. The armor is capable of operating under the extreme pressure of deep oceans or even outer space.
Note: When re-reouting energy from other systems, this includes shutting down all systems except life-support

Alter Ego: When not wearing the Ironman suit Tony Stark has the following abilities:

Fighting Typical
Agility Typical
Strength Typical
Endurance Typical

Health 270


Bionics, Business/Finance, Cybernetics, Electronics, Engineering, Weapons Design, Martial Arts A B


As a former industrialist playboy, Tony Stark has numerous contacts throughout the engineering, business and entertainment world. He also has numerous contacts throughout the intelligence community, thanks to his former days as a munitions developer. Finally, he is founding member of the Avengers, and is a close friend and ally of Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye, the Black Widow, Jack of Hearts, and Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. His personal confidants include James Rhodes (formerly Iron Man II; formerly War Machine I), Bethany Cabe, Harold Hogan, and Pepper Potts.


Anthony Stark was born to the family of Howard Stark (a wealthy industrialist) and Maria Stark, and inherited the family company at an early age. When he was in Viet Nam supervising his US munitions supply, he was fataly wounded in the heart and captured by communists who wanted him to build a weapon for them. Instead, he created the first of the Iron Man armors that would help his health as well as providing an escape. He was helped fleeing the country by James Rhodes.

Stark kept himself alive through the use of the armored chest plate, and played a dual role as industrialist / millionaire / playboy Stark, and bodyguard / Stark employee / adventurer Iron Man, stopping corporate espionage, founding and supplying SHIELD, and founding and joining the Avengers. Later, among various armor redesigns, Stark recieved a heart transplant, oblivating the need for his armored pacemaker chest plate.

Then, over time and during Stark’s long bout with alcoholism, Obadiah Stane managed to wrest control of Stark’s company and bring Stark to virtual poverty. At this time, Rhodes took on the Iron Man identiy. Soon, Stark and his friends were able to form a successful rival company, Circutis Maximus. After a while, Stark’s battle with Stane was brought to a head, and Stark regained control of his father’s company. Stark also began his recovery from alcoholism.

Soon, he discovered that technology developed by Stark Int’l was being used by armored criminals, and thus began a long “Armor War” as Stark tracked down all evidence of his corrupted technology. This led him to violate many laws, and even kill the Soviet agent, Gremlin. The US Army sent an armored soldier, Firepower, to apprehend Stark, who ultimately faked his death, using an “Iron-Man-as-Stark-employee”excuse to come back as Iron Man again.

Later, he was shot by Kathy Dare, an old girlfriend in an insane rage of jealousy. This left him severly injured, paralyzed from the waist down. He could, however, fully function while in the Iron Man armor, and he remained increasingly dependant on the armor until a microchip device was implanted in his spine to enable him to walk again. However, his body later rejected the implant, and Stark’s body was put in a cyrogenic freeze, after which Stark legeally died, and Rhodes took over running Stark’s business.

Stark recovered, however, and took on the mantle of iron once again, much to the chagrin of pinch-hitter Rhodes. Rhodes left Stark Int’l to become his own hero, War Machine, although Stark and Rhodes later repaired their friendship.

Subsequent activities led Iron Man to help disband the Avengers’ West Coast branch and set up Force Works, before he influenced by the time-travelling manipulator Immortus. Becoming a traitor to the Avengers, Stark murdered the Avengers’ nanny Marilla, Avengers’ associate Yellowjacket II, and even a Force Works public relations manager. Stark ultimately faught a younger version of himself (brought from the past to fight him,) with both heroes mortally wounding the other. Before he passed away, Tony Stark tried to redeem himself by providing plans for a pacemaker chest plate that would save the life of his younger self and would pave the way for him to be the next Iron Man.

This new Iron Man later sacrificed himself to the psychic-energy villain Onslaught, and was shunted to a pocket universe. Upon re-emerging from this universe, Iron Man was reborn into the body and the memories of Tony Stark as he appeared before Immortus’ manipulations. Finding Stark International bought by the Fujikawa Corporation, Tony Stark set up a new business for himself, Stark Solutions, as a technological consulting firm, and reassumed the Iron Man indentiy. Iron Man was on hand to reassemble the Avengers as well. Stark set up a new base of operations in his Seattle home, and eventually rescued the robot Jocasta, allowing her to interface with his mansion’s computer systems.

Tony Stark continues to adventure as Iron Man.

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