Iron Monger

Identity: Obadiah Stane

Fighting Excellent
Agility Good
Strength Incredible
Endurance Monstrous
Reason Good
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Good

Health 145
Karma 40
Resources Incredible
Popularity 0

Structural System- Ability Modifiers

+3CS bonus to Fighting* (Excellent maximum)
+1CS bonus to Agility* (Good maximum)
+3CS bonus to Strength (Incredible maximum)
+6CS bonus to Endurance (Monstrous maximum)

Material Strength: Amazing

Body Armor: Amazing
Resistance to Energy Attacks: Amazing
Resistance to Heat/Cold/Acid: Incredible
Resistance to Electricity/Radiation: Unearthly

Weapon Systems

Palm-Mounted Repulsors: Monstrous force, 10 area (400m/440yd) range
Chest-Mounted Laser: Amazing energy, 5 area (200m/220yd) range
Sole-Mounted Boot Jets: Incredible energy, 1 area (40m/44yd) range

Defensive Systems

Life Support: Cl1000, 2 hour air supply, 2 hour resistance to extreme pressure
Auto-Polarizing Lenses: Excellent resistance to light attacks

Sensor/Communication System

Nightvision: Good, 10 area (400m/440yd) range
Radar: Good, 10 area (400m/440yd) range
Sonar: Good, 10 area (400m/440yd) range
Thermal: Good, 10 area (400m/440yd) range
Multiband Radio: Good, 400 area (16km/10mi) range

Computer System: Allows anyone to use the armor, provided they are interfaced via radio link with armor’s external tactical processor. Breaking the link, by either jamming the transmission or going outside of radio range, immediately causes the user to loose the CS bonuses to their fighting and agility ranks (but the maximums still apply) and forces them to make a reason FEAT to even control the armor.
Propulsion System: Air Speed: Good, 8apr (192kph/120mph)
Design Notes: The original wearer of this armor was Obadiah Stane.

Fighting Typical
Agility Typical
Strength Typical
Endurance Good
Reason Good
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Good

Health 28
Karma 40

Note: The armor (what’s left of it) was the property of the old Stane/Stark International, and whatever legal entity inherited possession of the armor may also own its original plans.


Business/Finance, Criminal Underworld, Leadership


Various Business’s


Young Obadiah Stane witnessed his drunkard gambling father commit suicide by playing Russian roulette, and the the orphaned Stane went prematurely bald at the age of eight, and became extremely introverted and interested in games, determining to never lose at “the game of life,” and would use psychological warfare on his opponents, crushing whatever they held dear. Using these unorthodox methods, Stane took over an industrialist’s company and soon amassed quite a fortune. Eventually, Stane would also deal in munitions arms trading and other shady dealings, creating the Chessmen as his team of bodyguards.

Stane went up against Tony Stark when Stane tried to form a coalition of Asian, European, and American industries in defiance of anti-trust laws. Stane then saw Stark as his primary rival, and Stane began a systematic “battle” against Stark’s life, including attmepts on Jim Rhodes’ life and reinforcing Stark’s alcohol problem. Stane soon bought Stark International out, renaming it Stane International and kicking Stark out, who was forced, with Rhodes, to destroy the Iron Man armors. Soon, Stane rendered Stark penniless. While Stark eventually built his life again, Stane fell in love with Madame Masque, Iron Man’s villain and leader of the Maggia crime family. During this time, Stane realized that Iron Man was actually Stark.

Stane again tried to crush his enemy, kidnapping his former friends, switching the minds of Madame Masque and Bethany Cabe (Stark’s girlfriend,) and attempting to destroy his new company, Circuits Maximus, while discovering secrets of Iron Man armor design and having scientists duplicate the process. All of this made Stark take up the Iron Man identity full time after a long sabbatical, and confronted Stane International, confronting the Chessmen. Soon, Stane, in his new Iron Monger armor, confronted Iron Man. When Iron Man got the better of him, Stane removed his helmet and committed suicide with a blast from his own gauntlet.

Stane International lived on, and even the Iron Monger armor, which somehow fell into the possession of industrialist Simon Steele, who used a hired goon in the armor to attack retired adventurer Dominic Fortune, but was stopped by Iron Man. Again under circumstances to be revealed, the armor wound up in the possession of the US government, and had a loyal soldier assigned to it. One such assignment had it used to test the new Captain America, now known as USAgent.

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