Iron Fist

Identity: Daniel Rand

Fighting Amazing
Agility Incredible
Strength Good
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Excellent
Intuition Good
Psyche Incredible

Health 130
Karma 70
Resources Typical
Popularity 30

Chi: Ironfist can increase any one of his physical attributes by +1CS for 10 rounds. This does not increase his healt total. Requires 1 round of meditation and Psyche FEAT. to use. At the conculsion of 10 rounds Daniel is so exhausted he loses 25 health points due to the strain.
Iron Fist: Once a day, may be used. Must make a Psyche FEAT to determine damage.

Green: Incredible
Yellow: Amazing
Red: Monstrous. If red FEAT is used, he will be knock-out for 1-10 rounds


All Martial Arts, Acrobatics, Tumbling, Business/Finance, Accounting,


Oracle Inc., Heroes for Hire


Daniel Rand was born to a wealthy businessman who nonetheless held a fascination with the fabled land of K’un L’un, a paradise in Tibet. Taking his family and business partner, Meachum, with him, Rand’s father set out for a search for this land, but Daniel tripped, causing his family to dangle from a ledge, and Meachum allowed his partner to die in order to take over the fortune. Rand and his mother tried to make their way back, alone, but his mother died saving her son from a wolf attack when the residents of K’un L’un found Danny and brought him to their refuge. Rand grew up in K’un L’un, learning their martial arts as well and undergoing many mystical rites of passage, the final one which left him with a dragon-shaped scar on his chest and with the power of the “iron fist.”

As a young adult, Rand left for America to seek revenge on Meachum, but finding him an invalid, took pity on him instead. Soon after, however, a mysterious ninja assassin murdered Meachum, and Rand was blamed. As Iron Fist, he saught out the ninja to clear his name, and conflicted with other costumed adventurers, finally becoming a full-fledged crimefighter himself. Eventually, he met Luke Cage, (then, Power Man) and soon joined his Heroes for Hire business, adventuring for a long stint and falling in love with Misty Knight.

During a later visit to K’un L’un, however, Rand was exposed to deadly radiation giving him cancer, and was kidnapped by the H’ylthri, ancient, alien enemies of K’un L’un who planned an invasion of Earth. A plant-matter clone of Rand briefly took his place in the real world, only to be shortly killed, and Cage was blamed for the murder.

Some time after this, the alien Super-Skrull also duplicated Rand’s likeness, fully assuming his identity in order to use the Rand Corporation gain control of the Savage Land. Namor’s (the Sub-Mariner) own corporation, Oracle, was drawn into conflict of this plan, and Namor, Namorita (now Kymaera,) and Misty Knight confronted Super-Skrull, who abandoned Rand’s identity while fleeing, his plans ruined. The assembled heroes set out on a search for the real Danny Rand, eventually freeing him from the H’ylthri by Namor and Dr. Strange, and seemingly cured of his cancer due to his chi meditations.

Allowing the Rand Corp. to become a subsidiary of Oracle, Rand stayed around with other “retired” hero, Jim Hammond (the original Human Torch,) until the apparent death of many heroes by the villain Onslaught. In order to fill the void of heroes, Iron Fist re-formed Heroes for Hire with the help of Hammond, White Tiger, and Cage. Iron Fist has also used this opportunity to call for the mystic city of K’un L’un to come into phase with reality by the end of the century, a premature move which needed preparation, the full ramifications of which reamin to be revealed. The new Heroes for Hire adventured breifly, but soon dissolved as many of the heroes eventually went their seperate ways.

Iron Fist and Cage continue to occaisionally adventure together.

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