Invisible Woman

Identity: Sue Storm

Fighting Excellent
Agility Excellent
Strength Typical
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Good
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Good

Health 76
Karma 40
Resources Remarkable
Popularity 50

Invisibilty: Amazing

Render object or persons invisible with Remarkable ability, partially or whole up to 600 cubic yards.

Force Field: Monstrous, -1CS per extra area covered.

Create fall cushions that absorb up to Molnstrous damage
Create transportation columns with Feeble airspeed. Up to a total weight of 10 tons may be carried.


Business/Finance, Martial Arts A,B,E, Performer


Fantastic Four, Avengers, Inhumans, Namor


Born in Glenville, Long Island, the daughter of medical doctor Franklin Storm and his wife Evelyn Storm, young Sue is smitten when she meets Reed Richards, A Columbia University graduate student 10 years her senior, who lives in a New York apartment owned by Sue’s aunt. When Reed moves on to Harvard, Sue continues to carry a torch for him so much so that, some 10 years later, while trying to establish herself in Hollywood as an actress, she looks him up at a rocket facility in Central City. The two rekindle their romance.

It was at Sue’s insistence that she and her little brother Johnny accompanied Reed and his best friend Ben on the maiden voyage of Reed’s starship.

However, when their ship passed through the Van Allen belt they found their cockpit bombarded with nearly lethal doses of cosmic radiation. Reed had somehow neglected to account for the abnormal radiation levels in the atmosphere. The cosmic rays wreaked havoc on the starship’s insufficient shielding and they were forced to return to earth immediately.

After they crash-landed, Sue was startled when she found her physical self-starting to fade from view. In short order she realized she could turn this ability on and off and thus the Invisible Girl was born.

Sue became a founding member of the Fantastic Four. Later she realized that she could also create force fields. These force fields could not only be used as a defensive weapon, but as offensive weapons as well. This ability greatly enhanced her usefulness to the team in combat situations.

Susan eventually married Reed and the two had a son whom they named Franklin. Due to the mutated nature of his parents, the boy became a mutant of immeasurable power. Susan, however, could not have been more happy. She and Reed vowed to give him all the love and attention he needed no matter what catastrophic event might be happening around them.

Susan’s altered physical make-up would later lead to a miscarriage of their second child. Trying to use the grief of this loss to his advantage, the villain, Psycho Man, turned her into the rampaging villain known as Malice. After Reed restored her original personality, Susan learned while under the evil influence that her powers had far greater capabilities than she ever suspected.

Now, Susan was arguably the most powerful member of the group. It was shortly thereafter that she decided to change her name. Quite appropriately, the Invisible Girl became the Invisible Woman.

In the past year Reed was apparently killed at the hands of Doctor Doom. However unknown to his teammates at the time he was thrown back into the time of barbarians and on to an alien world by a being called Hyperstorm. And now an enormous responsibility was put over Sue’s head, she had to lead the FF, as she did for the next year or so, and she has become stronger because of this. A while later the remaining members of the FF along with the Sub-Mariner, the Ant-Man and Lyja found themselves trapped in the same era. With some luck they found Reed but faced a new problem, Reed with his time alone believed it was impossible for his old friends to return and attacked them. Upon realizing this was really his wife he eagerly embraced her and relinquished his assault, freed from his exile Reed sought out Galactus as he was the only being in the Universe who could defeat Hyperstorm, upon Hyperstorm’s defeat the FF returned to present day where they continued their life, not only as a team but as a family.

Upon their return, the FF were encountered by a being called Onslaught, This demon spawn took control of an army of sentinels and invaded New York city, hunting down every metahuman being he could find. Onslaught wished to add the abilities of the godlike Franklin Richards to his own. Only through the Sacrifice of the Fantastic Four’s own lives and that of most of the heroes in the marvel universe was Onslaught finally vanquished. The hero’s would have died there and then, if not for Franklin who created a whole alternate reality for them to reside in. Completely oblivious to what had taken place Susan and the other heroes relived most of their lives. During their time of absence the Fantastic Four’s headquarters, Four Freedoms Plaza, was annihilated by a super villain group called the Masters Of Evil posing as heroes, the Thunderbolts. One-year later Franklin returned his family along with the other hero’s from the parallel reality. Sue was overjoyed to see her son again, but she and her family found themselves without a home, moving into Reed’s storage warehouse on Pier 4, overlooking the east river and making this their new home, the Fantastic Four continue to go with their lives.

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