Identity: Unknown

Fighting Good
Agility Excellent
Strength Amazing
Endurance Amazing
Reason Excellent
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Remarkable

Health 130
Karma 80
Resources Poor
Popularity 0

Invulnerability: Interloper has Class 1000 resistance to Heat, Cold, Energy, Electricity, Radiation, Toxins and Disease. He does not age and can still be affected by Stun, Slam and Kill results. He is only affected by a Kill result that would scatter his atoms over a wide area of space.
True Invulnerability: Shift-Z
Cosmic Energy Manipulation: Ikaris can manipulate Cosmic Energy at a Monstrous rank.
Flight: Unearthly
Iron Will: Unearthly
Regeneration: Shift-Z
Waterwalking: Unearthly
Plasma Bolt: Monstrous
Teleportation: Monstrous
Emotion Control-Fear: Unearthly






Much has yet to be revealed about the Interloper and his long history. Presumably, he does know the Eternal Gilgamesh (aka: The Forgotton One) and has been fighting the evil cosmic entity called the Dragon of the Moon for centuries, beginning with a fight on Saturn’s moon Titan, but soon brought their battle to Earth. His last battle was during the 6th Century AD, and the Interloper allied with Modred and King Arthur to bring the battle to its close, believing the Dragon dead somewhere in space.

The Interloper then returned to Earth, living as a hermit for the following hundreds of years. More recently, though, the Interloper was discovered by the costumed adventurer known as Manslaughter, and, impressed, the Interloper trained Manslaughter in his Psychic abilities. Later, when the Dragon of the Moon reasserted control in our dimension by mentally enslaving the telepathic Moondragon, the Interloper confronted Moondragon’s team, the Defenders, but soon joined them in battling Moondragon and the Dragon of the Moon. In the battle, the Interloper tried to hurl his life force against the Dragon, and other members of the Defenders decided to join him, forming the Dragon’s Circle. Their fellow teammates helped rescue innocents, and returning, found Interloper and the rest of Dragon’s Circle transformed into statues that crumbled into dust.

With the return of the other members of Dragon’s Circle, perhaps Interloper is not far behind.

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