Samantha ‘Sam’ McGee

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Remarkable
Strength Monstrous
Endurance Unearthly
Reason Typical
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Good

Health 235
Karma 36
Resources Typical
Popularity -10


Body Resistance: Incredible
Energy Generation: Unearthly
Fire Generation: Unearthly
Energy Sheath: Shift-X fire, Unearthly heat
Electrical Generation (Lightning): Unearthly
Kinetic Bolt: Unearthly
True Flight: Unearthly airspeed
Floating Disk: Shift-X airspeed


Pilot, Military




The Brazier of Balthakk was housed in the Temple of Balthakk which had been buried under the ice in Canada’s Nunavut Territory near the arctic circle for centuries. The Temple was recently discovered by a Canadian geological survey team investigating seismic activity. Exploration of the site was being done by a team from the Gideon Museum of Antiquities, owned by Abner Little. Stark Solutions was hired to assist the team in gaining access to the temple without damaging the site. Stark’s pilot, Samantha McGee was the first to gain access to the temple, where she was exposed to the Brazier. Her body absorbed the brazier and she became the exemplar of Balthak, Inferno.

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