Imus Champion

Imus Champion
Imus Champion

Fighting Incredible
Agility Remarkable
Strength Excellent
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Incredible
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Excellent

Health 125
Karma 85
Resources Amazing
Popularity 10


Growth: Champion has permanent Poor growth, making him +1CS to be hit by normal sized opponents, but -1CS to damage from those same opponents.


Modified Eternal Brain Mine: The modified eternal brain mine can be thrown at a range of 2 areas. Upon contact it will attack itself with Typical strength and activate the victims powers. The victim will be paralyzed with Incredible ability and the victim’s powers will function at full power until the mine is removed.
Wand of Watoomb: This is a one foot long, crystalline wand with the heads of demons at either end. It has been called the most powerful weapon in all necromatic lore. While this is an exaggeration it is not an excessive one. The following powers lie within the wand itself and are available to anyone wielding it:
The wand can act as the Dimensional Apeture spell and open a nexus to another dimension desired by the user.
The wand will automatically allow the user to powerfully scry, that is, to see any person, place, or thing he desires to see in any dimension with which he is familiar. He may also fire Eldritch spells through the wand at the person, place, or thing he is viewing, but with a -3CS to agility for targeting the attacks.
When the user is the target of a mystical attack, and can move the wand to block the attack (Agility FEAT roll), it absorbs all the mystical power used in the attack and allows the user to utilize the power in one of three fashions. Power utilization can be either:
Healing: Restore any damage the weilder has sustained (at a rate of one point of health for every five points of power absorbed).
Eldritch Bolt: Fire an Eldritch Beam with a power rank equal to the absorbed attack.
Protection: Create one of the protection spells (Shield-Aura, etc.) with a power rank equal to that of the absorbed attack. Any of these things, because they utilize freshly acquired energy, can be performed in addition to normal actions during the next round, including magic use.
Power Glove: Champion commissioned the Wizard to build one of these devices in his size. The glove is made of Excellent material and provides champion the following abilities:
Hyper-Strength: The glove raises Champions strength to +2CS to Incredible.
Power Blasts: Incredible energy damage at a range of 2 areas.
Force Field: Remarkable protection from energy attacks, and Good protection from physical attacks.
The creation of a “typhoon sphere,” which can fill 1 area within a 3-area range. Anyone and everyone within the sphere takes Excellent damage each round they are in it, and must make an Escape roll to exit the sphere.
Anti-gravity disks: When thrown these weapon will adhere to a target with Monstrous strength. Any target struck floats upward at a rate of 100 feet per round unless he is fastened to something solid. Champion acquired these from the Wizard, as well, apparently paying extra for a set which causes their victims to float upwards so much faster than the standard disks.
Staff of Seth: This lance is made of unknown materials with Shift-Y material strength. The lance can channel Shift-X magical plasma blasts at a 4 area range.
Zodiac Star-Blazer Gun: This weapon fires minute amounts of fusion energy, the energy which powers the stars. The gun could do Amazing damage to a range of 2 areas. Champion was able to dictate what type of energy the weapon would fire, and used a burst of ultraviolet radiation to disable Dr. Spectrum.
EMP device: This device can generate an energy pulse which mimics some of the effects of an electro-magnetic pulse. This effect will shut down all functioning electronic devices in a 50-yard radius for six minutes. Of course, this device does not generate a true EMP, which would destroy all effected electronic devices.
Bow: This special bow enables Champion to fire 2 arrows per round at a range of 7 areas.
Electro-Disruptor arrow: This arrow will disrupt mechanical devices on contact with Increidble ability. Champion used such an arrow to activate Skylark’s artificial vocal cords, causing her to scream uncontrollably.
Breastplate: Champion own a breastplate which contains a gas delivery system adapted from the schematics of the Porcupine armor. He uses the system to release a fast acting narcotic gas. The gas is of Amazing potency and will put its victims to sleep for 3-30 rounds. Champion has built up an immunity to the gas.
Prototype Nth Projector: The Nth projector has the Feeble ability to transport a chosen subject to any preset dimension. The projector fires a ray which can transport a single person to a preset dimension. The ray has a range of one area. Using it is treated as an attack, and the intended target can try to evade it through normal means.


Business/Finance, Psychiatry, Pilot, Computers, Electronics, Archaeology, Law, Martial Arts- All, Wrestling, Acrobatics, Guns, Weapons Master, Thrown Objects, Bows, Marksman, Mesmerism and Hypnosis, Sleight of Hand, Resist Domination, Occult Lore, Multi-lingual, Trivia-stage magic and illusion, Student.


Business, Corruptor, the Wizard


Imus Champion is a financier, industrialist, entrepreneur, and the fifth richest man in the world. He once hired the Avenger Hawkeye as his archery tutor, because that was the one sport he hadn’t yet learned. However, it was all part of a larger scheme to trigger the San Andreas Fault and drop California into the sea; he was going to use his newly acquired archery skills to set off the bombs. The Avengers stopped him. Later Champion contracted a supposedly incurable disease, but discovered and bought the biotechnology concern which had developed a cure, and faked his own death in lab explosion.

His next scheme involved sending the Corrupter to infiltrate Project: Pegasus and gain control of the Squadron Supreme, who were staying there.

Champion had becomee a collector of rare artifacts, and set his sights on acquiring a downed extra-terrestrial craft discovered by SHIELD. A team of scientists from Project: Pegasus was sent to investigate the craft. The scientists were traveling by commercial aircraft. Champion arranged for the plane, one of his own Championair fleet, to crash. He then sent the Squadron to waylay the Avengers, who were asked by the US government to investigate the crash, and distract the media by claiming the Avengers were impostors. Champions own team salvaged the wreckage in the confusion. The Avengers subsequently investigated Project: Pegasus, freed the Squadron, and captured the Corruptor.

Seeking a greater challenge, Champion lured the Avengers and Squadron to his estate, outside Sausalito, across the bay from San Francisco. He met them at the edge of his estate and told them, “The truth is, I grow bored with such trivial pursuits, I long to face challenges of truly legendary stature, to prove myself against none but the worthies of opponents- and what triumph would be greater than defeating in battle the combined forces of the mightiest heroes of two worlds?…

“Note the tower in the distance- a state of the art command and control center. From it, via dedicated uplink with a wholly-owned communications satellite in geo-synchronous orbit- I have sole access to the firing mechanisms of twenty explosive devices each located in a major American city, and each with a sufficient payload of military grade nerve gas to kill every living thing in a two hundred mile radius. Give or take a few miles, depending on the weather, of course. I intend to walk to that tower, and transmit the detonation codes. All you need to do is stop me. I must caution you, however- this area is blanketed by an electromagnetic disruption dome; any attempt to leave or contact the outside world will end the game prematurely, by triggering the explosive devices. Therefore to stop me, you must defeat me in combat- and that, I promise you, will not be easy.”

The Avengers and the Squadron split up and pursued Champion, and he met each group and defeated them, in turn. However, the Avenger Firestar had thought to send a message via ants to Giant-Man, who slipped onto the estate and sabotaged Champions command and control center. Champion was arrested, claimed that his lawyers would have no problem beating the charges.

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