Tora Olafsdotter

Fighting Good
Agility Remarkable
Strength Typical
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Good
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Good

Health 66
Karma 40
Resources Good
Popularity 25


Invulnerability: Class 1000 resistance to Cold
Ice Generation: Monstrous
Create Shields: Monstrous material strength
Create Ice Weapons: Monstrous material strength
Create Ice Contructs: Monstrous material strength


Modeling, Martial Arts B, Swords, Languages:Norse, English


Fire, Global Guardians, Justice League


Ice was born the eldest child to King Olaf and Queen Elin of the Ice people of Norway. The Ice people are isolationist who were thought of as just legends by the regular folk of Norway. There are indications that the Ice folk were descendant from Frost giant types. The people used to have many amazing abilities to produce and shape snow, ice and crystal. Most likely due to inbreeding the old talents were dying out, with crystal making being a very rare talent. Another problem was that the young icemaidens were discouraged about using their powers. Into this world Tora was born. She was the apple of the King’s eye, but Tora was too curious about the outside world and her powers. Olaf was afraid that Tora could be stolen away by the warm-bloods outside the Ice kingdoms walls, like earlier icemaidens had been. Tora was kept close, and when she reached her teens a marriage to crystalmaker Ymir was planned. Ice had other plans, and marriage to Ymir was out of the question.

Into this situation came an expedition looking for the fabled Ice people. The first sight the expedition had was of Tora outside of the caves, where she did not belong. Olaf came along and froze the two men from the expedition, but Tora later unmelted them-first by using a lighter they had that she had figured out how to use and then by using some of her power. The expedition leader and Tora eventually were able to convince Olaf to let his daughter visit the outside world. The expedition then fulfilled its purpose, which was to find a Norwegian superhero for membership into the Global Guardians. Tora joined the group with the codename of Icemaiden. She became a team soon with her newfound friend and fellow Guardian, Brazian Green Flame.

The Global Guardians operated for several years, but eventually folded due to money problems after the Justice League was given United Nations funding. Green Flame persuaded Icemaiden to come with her to try gaining membership in the Justice League. They were turned down at the Brazilian embassy of the Justice League. They later retried for membership in the JLA at the New York embassy and were again turned down. They then followed J’onn of the JLA to the UN building, and they were asked to join the JLA due to they were shorthanded. The ladies set out and proved themselves on that mission and were made full members of the JLA. Shortly after joining the JLA Green Flame and Icemaiden changed their costumes and also changed their codenames to Fire and Ice.

Ice served a long tenure in the League before returning home and finding her powers augmented as a result.

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