Jonathan Reed Richards

Fighting Amazing
Agility Excellent
Strength Amazing
Endurance Class 1000
Reason Excellent
Intuition Monstrous
Psyche Class 1000

Health 1120
Karma 1095
Resources Unearthly
Popularity -10


Hyperstorm is a mutant with the power to tap the extradimensional realm called hyper-space and the forces that eminate from within it for many effects.
True Flight: Class 1000 in space and limited to Shift-Z in atmosphere.
Gateway: Hyperstorm may open gateways into “Hyper Space dimension” at will with Class 3000 ability. He may use this for instant teleportation to anywhere in the universe.
Invulnerability: He has Class 1000 resistance to heat, cold, corrosives, toxins, and disease.
True Invulnerability: Hyperstorm has Unearthly resistance to physical and energy attacks.
Force Field Generation: Class 1000
Kinetic Bolts: Hyperstorm can release energy blasts of Class 1000 Intensity.
Self Sustenance: Class 1000. Hyperstorm has no need to breathe, eat, drink or even sleep.
Electro-magnetic Manipulation: Hyperstorm can emit and control the energies that make up the Universal Spectrum at Shift-Z ability. The following is a list of Energies make up the spectrum:
Hard Radiation
Continuum Control: Hyperstorm is able to tinker with the nature of matter and have some control over the space/time continuum at Shift-Z rank. This power he may perform as one or more of these powers:
Damage Transferral
Time Travel






In one of the many variations of the “Days of Future Past” timeline, Franklin Richards and Rachel Summers married and had a son. Named Jonathan Richards, he grew up in a bleak future where his family and friends were slaughtered by the mutant-hunting Sentinels. Traumatized by the horrors of his childhood, Richards became Hyperstorm and vowed to bring order to a universe he believed was beset by chaos. Unfortunately, Hyperstom set out accomplishing this goal by conquoring and destroying countless civilizations across numerous timelines and dimensions. He became a despot just as evil as those who had murdered his parents.

He comes to this timeline to fight the Fantastic Four. Unable to defeat Hyperstorm Reed Richards contacts Galactus who refuses to help until Reed offers him an unlimited source of cosmic energy.

Galactus comes to Earth from his pocket dimension where he has chosen to reside forever to combat the menace that is Hyperstorm. Galactus takes a defeated Hyperstorm with him back to his dimension where he can feed on the unlimited cosmic energies that Hyperstorm can access.

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