Identity: Zhib-Ran, Mark Milton

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Unearthly
Strength Unearthly
Endurance Unearthly
Reason Excellent
Intuition Amazing
Psyche Incredible

Health 330
Karma 110
Resources Unearthly
Popularity 80

True Invulnerability: Unearthly resistance to all attacks
True Flight: Monstrous airspeed
Atomic Vision: Hyperion can see a far greater width of the light spectrum, from X-rays to infrared, giving him Monstrous penetration vision and infravision, at a ten area range.

Hyperion’s principal weakness is an isotope of lead vaslled argonite whose particles of decay serve to damper the quasi-nuclear reactions in his body. While in itself, it cannot kill him, but it can render him susceptible to other forms of injury.




Squadron Supreme, Quasar, Project Pegasus, Blue Shield


As an infant, Hyperion was found and adopted by the Milton family and named Mark. Mr. and Mrs. Milton instilled in their son a strong love of traditional American values and a passion for justice. As he grew it was discovered that Mark had vast superhuman powers, which the Miltons encouraged him to use for the good of humanity. However, they cautioned him not to use his powers to change the course of human history, for they believed that humanity must ultimately solve their own problems. Mark assumed the costume and masked identity of Hyperion (taking the name of the Titan in Greek mythology who was associated with the sun). Hyperion went on to become the greatest hero of his world and a founding member of the Squadron Supreme.

Recent tests indicate that his cells are basically human though augmented to an unearthly degree. Makarri the Eternal revealed that Hyperion is in actuality the last surviving Eternal of his Earth. Hyperion was the first, and is the longest serving chairman of the Squadron Supreme, having recently been replaced by Power Princess, his current girlfriend.

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