Identity: Paige Guthrie

Fighting Good
Agility Good
Strength Good
Endurance Excellent
Reason Good
Intuition Good
Psyche Typical

Health 50
Karma 26
Resources Typical
Popularity 0

Husking: A perpetual metamorph, she sheds her skin to reveal a layer of a different material, such as steel or diamond, underneath (some of these forms bring extra abilities eg flight, superspeed). This power is ranked at Amazing. Each transformation she gains the benefits of the form with a maximum rank of amazing. Each change lasts for up to an hour and the removal of the new material reveals normal skin once again. Any injuries sustained while husked, remain upon return to ordinary form. Paige should only be able to husk into forms that equal her own body mass. However, she has twice husked into smaller, animal forms. It is theorised that the mass left over from these transformations is moved into an unknown space and returns when she takes on her original form once again.

Paige is technically an omnimorph who peels off her outer layer of skin (which she discards casually) to reveal a new layer of skin which has been transformed to the material necessary to withstand whatever is happening to her. Originally she had no control over her new form, but her time with Generation X helped her to gain better control over her power. Her height and weight can vary considerably according to the form she has taken. Her eye and hair colour are also usually affected. In some of her earlier appearances, Paige was illustrated as ripping her hair off along with her skin, however, her hair more usually transforms into the same substance as her body. She has also discovered how to rip away the outer layer of skin and reveal, not a new form, but normal skin below. She can hold a new form for roughly an hour and is then forced to peel it away, revealing the ordinary “peaches-and-cream” Paige again.

If Paige is injured, either in ‘normal’ or ‘husked’ form, removing her outer layer of skin usually restores her to health. Unfortunately, the husking process somehow destroys her clothes, leaving her naked after the final transformation. Over the years she has taken many forms, mainly humanoid. Recently, her powers have been improving, and she has discovered that some of her forms bring with them extra abilities such as increased speed or agility. Below is a list of the forms Paige has taken.

(Unnamed) Metal
Moly Steel
Stone Arm
Transparant Steel
Normal –> Rock –> Normal
Metal –> Crystalised Carbon
Crystalised Carbon –> Normal
Normal, Wood & Stone
Metal & Wood




Cannonball, X-Men, Generation X, X-Corps


Paige Guthrie grew up in Kentucky with her large family. When she found out that her brother, Sam (“Cannonball”), was joining the New Mutants, Paige became jealous of him and the exciting lifestyle he was now living, and decided to discover her own mutant power. Convinced she was a mutant just like her brother, she tried to discover her power for some time and in many different ways until, at last, completely frustrated, she screamed that she’d tear her skin off if she didn’t find her mutation soon. Pulling her clasped hands apart, Paige found her skin peeling away to reveal a new form. She had found her power at the age of 13 – the ability to shed the outer layer of her skin to reveal a new layer of material below (see transformations). Despite her joy at the discovery of her mutant ability, Paige kept her powers a secret until, several years later, she was forced to reveal them.

On a visit to the family home Sam, then a member of X-Force, and his girlfriend Boomer, were kidnapped by Fenris, who were attempting to gain membership into the group known as the Upstarts. This group were engaged, at the time, in a a game named the Younghunt which called for the capture of all remaining members of the New Mutants and Hellions. All of the mutants in question were captured by various members of the Upstarts. Paige, however, was the only one to have witnessed any of the abductions and her information led X-Force to Shinobi Shaw, who in turn directed them to where the other mutants were being held. It turned out that the Younghunt was actually being directed by a being known as the Gamesmaster, who existed in psionic space. The Gamesmaster defeated both X-Force and the New Warriors when they attempted to rescue their kidnapped friends and teammates. Luckily, Paige had followed X-Force through the portal that had taken them to Switzerland, in the form of a bird. When everyone else had fallen, Paige began to realise that being a mutant was much more serious than she had thought. Although she didn’t trust her powers or her ability to use them, she refused to let her brother die and so challenged the Gamesmaster to a new game. If she won, her brother and all of his friends would live, but if the Gamesmaster won he could keep her too. She suggested that the Gamesmaster attempt to find and guide the next generation before Charles Xavier or anyone else could. Very interested in this new game, the Gamesmaster declared that she had won and set everyone free. Although her brother was proud of her victory, he worried what price she would have to pay later down the line. Paige and X-Force returned to the Guthrie farm where Paige decided to ask Professor Xavier to help her learn how to control her powers, something which she had been unable to master herself (see early appearances for further details).

Paige herself became a member of an X-team at the age of 17 when she was abducted by the Phalanx, along with several other young mutants. Member of the Phalanx broke into her house, snatching her mother and using her as a lure. When Paige attempted to rescue Mrs Guthrie, she was taken by the Phalanx who took her to their base. Paige initially took charge of the situation, something which did not please all of the young mutants, but her leadership ended when she was infected by the Transmode virus in an attempt to merge her with the Phalanx. When the rescuing party arrived, Sabretooth raked Paige with his claws in an attempt to stop her incorporation into the Phalanx. In response, Paige husked into a metal (this change also removed most of her hair), preventing Sabretooth from hurting her and breaking her connection to the Phalanx. Newly released, she went on to help defeat the Phalanx.

After this incident, Paige was invited to join Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, also known as the Massachusetts Academy. Here, she was given the codename “Husk”. Promising herself that she would become even better than Sam, who was now a member of the X-Men, Paige dedicated herself to study and exercise. Unlike many of the other members of the newly formed Generation X, Paige likes being a mutant, seeing it as a gift which made her special, and constantly strives to improve control of her powers. Her goal to one day lead the X-Men led to her frequently annoying the others with her constant enthusiasm and also caused her to act rashly several times in an attempt to prove her leadership skills. Quite insecure at this time, Paige often hid her accent believing that it marked her out as a ‘hick’. However, this control often slipped when she was angry, something picked up on by a team-mate who nicknamed her ‘Hayseed’.

Paige firmly believed that mutants were the next, and better step, in human evolution. She thought that being a mutant was the best gift anyone could ask for and was convinced that mutants would inherit the world. Her deep convictions began to falter when she learned of the Legacy Virus. This discovery caused much emotional turmoil and she became increasingly distraught. One night, after drinking a beer to relieve her feelings, Paige kissed Jonothon “Chamber” Starsmore (see relationships). This action resulted in the destruction of one of the Academy’s buildings and an on-off relationship between the pair which continues to today.

Throughout her time with Generation X, Paige became increasingly independant and self-confident. After a ‘final’ split with Chamber she seemed to change for the worse. To her friends’ surprise Paige stopped trying to be the best X-Man that ever lived and began to focus on less academic things, including clothes and make-up. During this period she continued in her attempt to stop her team-mates from seeing her as an innocent and immature Southern girl. She also dated a human student of the Academy, Tristan Brawn (see relationships), who was aware of her status as a mutant. Needless to say, this relationship caused plenty of friction between herself and Chamber.

In the last months of the team, Paige reverted somewhat to her old self. Developing into a confident and capable young woman, she concentrated on her powers and skills once more. No longer believing that mutants would inherit the world, she became something of a computer expert and monitored the anti-mutant movement carefully. The news she gathered this way led to Generation X’s final few missions. With the closing of the Academy and the end of Generation X, Paige returned home with the intention of becoming an environmental activist in the Northwest.

However, a few months later she joined Banshee’s X-Corps where she and Chamber went some way towards sorting out their feelings for each other. When this agency closed, Paige developed a new look and finally became a member of the X-Men proper.

Despite proving her worth several times, Paige remained somewhat unsure of her role within the X-Men. Within the Mansion she is friendly with Annie Ghazikstan, the school nurse, and Jubilee, who returned after the death of Angelo. She also began to move away from her feelings for Jono and started to build a tentative relationship with Warren “Angel” Worthington III. Her continued interest in environmental issues lead to the discovery of corruption in Worthington Enterprises. When the X-Men confronted the group that had taken control of a part of Warren’s company, Paige was killed. Luckily, Warren’s secondary mutation kicked in and brought her back to life. However, while she was dead, Paige appears to have encountered Betsy “Psylocke” Braddock, who asked her to pass on some home truths to Warren. After this, Warren grew distant with Paige and it was not until they visited the Guthrie farm that he was able to admit his true feelings for her. The pair are now together.

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