High Evolutionary

Identity: Herbert Edgar Wyndham

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Remarkable
Strength Excellent
Endurance Class 3000
Reason Class 1000
Intuition Class 1000
Psyche Class 3000

Health 3080
Karma 5000
Resources Class 1000
Popularity 0 / 100 with creations

Cyborg Exoskeleton: Most of the High Evolutionary’s powers are derived from his protective suit which also provides its wearer with Unearthly protection against physical attacks and Shift-Z protection from energy, psionic, or magical attacks. The other powers include:

Clairaudience: Class 1000
Clairvoyance: Class 1000
Communication with Animals: Class 1000
Communication with Cybernetics: Class 1000
Cosmic Awareness: Class 1000
Danger Sense which also alerts the High Evolutionary of threats to any of his creations: Class 1000
Astral Projection: The High Evolutionary can separate his spirit from his physical form and can survive in this state for an indefinite period of time.
Levitation: Class 1000
Linguistics: Class 1000
Mental Invisibility which he can extend to an entire world: Class 1000
Mental Probe: Class 1000
Force Field: Shift-X
Matter Creation: Class 1000 which can be used for the following:
Artifact Creation which allows the creation of complex shapes
Elemental Creation
Lifeform Creation
Mechanical Creation
Missile Creation with Unearthly range and damage.
Spray of Unearthly intensity and damage.
The suit is designed to protect it’s wearer at all costs and, as such,expends automatically up to 150 karma points to prevent disasters from affecting the High Evolutionary.
The suit can, in time, even create a whole new body for Wyndham.
The suit provides complete life support for Wyndham, automatic recycling his air and providing him with water and food
Total Memory


+3CS reason in the fields of Genetics and Engineering


Knights of Wundagore, New Man, Avengers, Fantastic Four


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