Identity: Daimon Hellstrom, Son of Satan, Prince of Lies, Hellstorm, Devilspawn

Fighting Good
Agility Good
Strength Excellent
Endurance Incredible
Reason Good
Intuition Amazing
Psyche Unearthly

Health 80
Karma 160
Resources Typical
Popularity 4

Alter Ego: By invoking, “the sign of the trident,” Daimon could transform himself into his heroic form. However, It is unclear as to whether this transformation just changed him from normal clothes to his Son of Satan outfit, or if it really had some effect on Daimon’s powers and physical abilities.
Soulfire: Daimon can generate hellfire from his own soul, or if necessary from the soul of anyone in contact with his trident (hence, “soulfire”). This mystical energy causes excruciating pain through direct stimulation of a person’s life force. The victim must make a yellow Psyche FEAT roll or pass out from pain. The bolts burn in a manner similar to normal fire, doing Incredible energy damage. He can project soulfire at a 4 area range.
Magic Detection: Daimon has a certain amount of psychic sensitivity to occult or otherworldly activity, at Excellent ability. He can identify magic and its effects, as well as the potential for magic use in an individual. A green FEAT will identify the past use of magic, a yellow FEAT will identify the magic user responsible, and a red FEAT will identify the actual spell.
Biophysical Control-Healing: Daimon can promote healing of damage caused by wounds, trauma, toxins, and disease with a touch He can increase a targets health by 40 points. This is the maximum benefit the hero can give per day to one specific person. He must make a FEAT on his Incredible power rank. A Green FEAT will handle broken bones, non-terminal disease, and simple wounds. A yellow FEAT will heal physical trauma, wounds to organs, non-fatal poisoning, and terminal diseases. A Red FEAT will cure mortal wounds, coronary attacks, strokes, toxic poisoning, and massive physical trauma. The Power seals the body and returns any still-living tissues to health. It cannot replace lost tissue.
Exorcism: Through the Catholic Church’s Roman Ritual of Exorcism, and his own demonic powers Daimon can release a being from any external domination imposed by a third party with Monstrous ability at a range of 10 feet. Such controls include Possession, Mental Domination, Serial Immortality, and Magic. If there’s a control, this Power can break it. Daimon’s Monstrous rank is compared to that of the Power controlling the subject. Upon severing the being’s control over the subject, that being is immediately teleported to its home dimension. This Power commonly appears as a spell used by sorcerers and holy men.

Trident: Hellstorm wields a trident made of Shift-Y material strength netheranium, a ”psychosensitive” metalfound only in Mephisto’s extradimensional realm. The trident is a medium through which magical energies can be amplified and projected. Using the trident Hellstorm can shoot his soulfire for greater distances and at greater magnitudes than without it. He can also use the trident to levitate and fly. By projecting a steady stream of soulfire away from the tips of the trident, he can create a mystical jet of flame which provide him enough thrust to get airborne. He can alter his speed by varying the amount of soulfire he projects through the trident. Because the steady generation of soulfire requires great concentration, Hellstorm cannot fly for more than a half hour before fatigue forces him to land. The trident allows Daimon to:

Detect Demons: with Remarkable ability
Flight: Direct his soulfire for short flights at Poor airspeed.
Call up the demonic steeds Hecate, Agnon and Set for longer journeys. These steeds pulled his chariot at Unearthly airspeed. The Chariot has Excellent control and Amazing body


Mystic Background, Occult Lore, Exorcism, Demonology, Theology




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