Kendra Shiera Saunders

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Remarkable
Strength Good
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Excellent
Intuition Good
Psyche Remarkable

Health 100
Karma 60
Resources Excellent
Popularity 10


Serial Immortality: When Kendra Dies her soul is reincarnated within a new body as part of an ancient Egyptian curse.


Wing Pack and Flight Belt: Kendra possesses a pair of huge wings that enable her to control her flight. She also possesses a belt made from the Nth Metal (a Thanagarian design) that enables the ability to defy gravity
Ninth Metal Belt: Made from Amazing strength material, the belt decreases the local gravity field with Remarkable ability allowing Kendra to levitate.
Winged Flight: These huge wings in conjunction with the Ninth Metal Belt allow Hawkgirl to fly at Excellent air speeds. She can protect himself from harm by wrapping the wings around herself. The drawback is that she cannot fly while protected by the cocoon of her wings, only levitate.
Spear: Kendra has used her spear in almost all her battles. Hawkgirl is able to use the spear to hit her targets from great distances and rarely ever misses. The spear has Amazing material strength, can be thrown for 3 areas and capable of inflicting Remarkable edged or blunt damage.
Tri-Hook: Recently becoming Hawkgirl’s secondary weapon, Hawkgirl is incredibly skilled with the hook and throw it from great distances and always hit her target. She keeps is usually on her belt when in costume. Made from Amazing strength material, the hook inflicting Incfredible edged damage and can be thrown up to 3 areas away.
Shurikens: These deadly weapons, in Kendra’s hands can strike from a distance with great accuacy. The shurikens capable of inflciting Excellent edged damage and are made from remarkable material.
Talon Claws: Made from Incredible strength material her talons are capable of inflciting Remarkable edged damage in melee combat.


Archaeology, Martial Arts A B E, Marksman, Weaponsmaster, Aerial Combat, Weapon Specialist: Spear.


Justice Society, Hawkman


In ancient Egypt Prince Khufu Kha-Tarr ruled as Pharaoh with his beloved bride Chay-Ara at his side. Chay-Ara was a Hyksos noblewoman who had fallen in love with Khufu. Khufu was a hero to his people, a crusading warrior king with his fighting princess at his side. Chay-Ara set herself up as a ploy when the power hungry Priest Hath-Set tried to incite rebellion. Hath-Set cursed both Chay-Ara and Khufu to be reborn again and again, as well as to have a child born with no soul to be used against them as a vessel for the dark powers he controlled. Both the Prince and his Princess died and their souls moved on, but not to their great reward, to one lifetime after another, as different couples throughout history, and always at each other’s side. Shiera Sanders was born centuries after Chay-Ara’s death. At the dawn of the Twentieth Century Shiera began her long life, and grew into a beautiful young woman. Her career as a journalist led to a chance meeting with an archaeologist named Carter Hall. Kidnapped by the insane Anton Hastor, Shiera was saved by Carter who had donned a costume and a pair of wings. She and Carter fell in love as time went on and Shiera eventually accepted and believed Carter’s claim that they had lived before, as Khufu and Chay-Ara so many years earlier in Egypt. Carter used his colorful garb and power of flight to become a hero, the hero that would become known as Hawkman. Unlike many girlfriends of heroes, at any time, Carter was honest with Shiera about his double life. It was because of this honesty that Shiera was instrumental in aiding fellow girlfriends of JSA members, along with Wonder Woman, in saving the day when the JSA were brainwashed by villain Brainwave.

This event was a precursor to Shiera’s own career as a heroine, Hawkgirl, Hawkman’s partner and recurring ally to the JSA. Shiera’s cousin Speed Saunders also aided the JSA at times as an enlisted man during the Second World War. Their adventures with the Society gave Shiera and Carter extended youth from exposure to Ian Karkull’s magical energies and let them continue an active life much longer than most. After being forced to retire from heroing Shiera and her husband became active together in archaeology and had a son. Their son Hector grew distanced, always jealous of their godson Norda being able to fly with the couple while he was stuck on the ground. With their return to superheroing off and on, Shiera and Carter were apart from Hector even more often. In spite of their distance and difference, Shiera loved Hector deeply, as did Carter. They saw both Carter and Norda become heroes on their own and returned to active duty as JSA’ers. They went into limbo with the rest of the Society to combat the Gods of Norway and returned years later. Soon after their return to the Earthly plane Shiera and her husband Carter disappeared, supposedly merged into one being, along with many other winged heroes, and Katar Hol, another Hawkman from another world and Carter’s successor, by a being referring to itself as “the Hawkgod.” Sometime earlier, a few years after Hector had been born, Shiera’s cousin Speed had his first Granddaughter. Kendra Saunders was born. Kendra grew up in Austin Texas and had an unfortunately difficult life. Kendra was a troubled girl and unable to deal with her parent’s death. She ran away from the youth facilities she was placed in frequently and was unwilling to stay in their care for any length of time. She spent time living on the streets until she was taken in and remanded into the custody of her Grandfather Speed.

Her troubles did not end there, as Kendra slit her wrists and got into trouble with the law. She tried suicide a second time, a more successful attempt. She overdosed on pills and Speed brought her to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. For ten minutes Kendra was lifeless, but she then gasped for breath. Speed was elated, but upon looking into her eyes saw that her eyes were then brown, they had changed colors. This lead Speed to believe that Kendra was Shiera, reincarnated into a new body after Kendra successfully took her own life. Speed trained Kendra, attempted to prepare her for the mantle of Hawkgirl. She graduated school and began studying film in College. Speed voyaged to Asia at the request of his old ally Sandman where and learned of the coming return of Hawkman, and the role Kendra was to play in the return of Hector Hall, the next Dr. Fate. Kendra was informed that she was to be involved, and donning the Hawkgirl mantle and wings became involved in a new JSA. As time progressed she learned that she had lived past lives. Initially she was plagued by dreams of ancient Egypt and other worlds, and then had flashes of numerous lives throughout human history. The only recurring theme was a man at her side. Thanks to the fallen angel Zauriel and her Grandfather’s testimony Kendra learned the truth, but was unwilling to accept it. At the time her fellow JSA members confronted her about her past she was teleported across space to the world of Thanagar, the world that the other Hawkman, Katar Hol, came from. Kendra and the new Hawkman defeated the despotic ruler of Thanagar with the Justice Society and returned to Earth.

Hawkgirl was recently recruited to temporarily join the JLA when the main team was believed dead. She was recruited by a robotic servant of the Batman’s to join a team led by Nightwing. In truth, the JLA had been lost in ancient Atlantis. Hawkgirl aided that team in finding the core JLA and restoring them to the present.

Hawkgirl suffered a couple severe injuries within a short time. First, when the JSA encountered the undercover Justice League Elite, an accident forced Kasumi’s blades into Kendra. Not long after healing from this, she fell victim to a rogues gallery of Hawkman’s old foes led by the Fadeaway Man

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