Identity: Clint Francis Barton

Fighting Excellent
Agility Remarkable
Strength Good
Endurance Excellent
Reason Typical
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Good

Health 80
Karma 46
Resources Good
Popularity 40

Enhanced Vision: Remarkable eyesight

Bow: This specialised bow may fire 3 arrows per round with a 7 area range.
Harness: Hawkeye’s tunic harness has special quick release compartments capable of holding 36 additional arrow heads. The following 2 special heads are only ever carried in his tunic harness, never equiped as a general trick arrow.

Adamantium: Excellent edged damage. Capable of piercing Unearthly materials.
Vibranium: Can deaden Remarkable energy or of force at target.

Quiver: The quiver has a 36 shaft capacity. Each arrow is clamped to the base and unlocked by a slight twist whilst being drawn.

12 standard target points inflict Typical shooting damage.
6 have 3 bladed broadheads inflicting Good shooting damage.
The 12 target points can become “trick arrows by adding a modular arrowhead from his harness.
“Trick” Arrowheads: Hawkeye’s modular arrowheads have a range of 7 areas. While these arrowheads are on shafts in Hawkeye’s quiver he carries a spare in his tunic harness.
Acid: Monstrous damage (3 areas range)
Blunt: Excellent blunt damage
Bola: Remarkable entangling attack
Boomerang: (may be added to other arrows)
Cable: 2 areas long, Incredible material
Electrical: Amazing damage, 5 areas
Explosive: Amazing damage
Flare: Good light, Amazing damage
Magnetic: Incredible adherence, may cary cable or other arrowheads.
Net: Incredible entanglement
Putty: Remarkable adherance to rough surfaces
Rocket: Increase range +1area. Can carry other arrowheads.
Smoke: Excellent darkness in 1 area
Sonic: Excellent noise, Endurance FEAT or stunned for 1-10 rounds.
Suction Cup: Remarkable adherance to smooth areas.
Tear gas: Remarkable Tear Gas in 1 area.
Thermal: Remarkable heat damage
Vibration: Excellent force damage.

Hawkeye is 80% deaf because of sprolonged exposure to hypersonics. He now wears a special hearing aide that allow him to hear normally. It can be increased to provide Remarkabel hearing within a 2 area range or shut off giving Hawkeye Remarkable protection from sonic attacks.


Weapon Specialist: Bow, Arrowhead Design and Construction, Martial Arts A and E, Leadership, Marksman


Avengers, Thunderbolts


Hawkeye the marksman, the man who founded the Avengers West Coast,and now leader of the Thunderbolts spent hi early years in very different circumstances than the life of a world-famous hero. When Clint Barton, the future Hawkeye, was only eight years old, both his parents were killed in an automobile accident. Six years later, Clint and his brother Barney ran away from the state orphanage to which they had been sent, to find a life of color and adventure.

They ended up joining a travelling carnival, where Clint’s natural talent for archery brought him to the notice of his two mentors, the future costumed criminals known as Trickshot and the Swordsman. It was the master archer Trickshot who coached Clint to become his equal with the bow.

But the Swordsman had a more sinister influence on Clint’s life. When the eighteen-year-old Clint discovered that the Swordsman was embezzling the carnival’s profits, the older man chased Barton onto a tightrope and then severed it with his blade. Clint fell to the ground, fracturing both his legs, while the Swordsman fled. But showing the stubborness that would characterize him throughout his life, Clint recovered and resumed his carnival carreer a year later, taking the stage name Hwakeye.

After seeing Iron Man in action, the envious Hawkeye decided to use his archery skills to become a costumed crimefighter himself. He designed a wide variety of arrows equipped with various gadgets, ranging from gas bombs to explosive tips.

But then Hawkeye himself was mistaken for a criminal, Iron man tried to bring him to justice. Marked as an outlaw and embittered towards society, hawkeye easily succumb to the seductive wiles of the Black Widow, who was then a Soviet agent and used him as a pawn in battle against Iron Man.

But the Widow truly fell in love with Hawkeye, and both became increasingly disillusioned with her Communist masters. Finally when the Widow decided to defect to the United States, she was shot by Soviet assassins. She was not killed, but this attack provided the shock that finally made Hwakeye realize he had to change the course his life had taken. he had never intended to be a criminal, much less a traitor.

Determined to return to crimefighting, Hawkeye broke into Avengers Mansion and offered to join the team. he proved so convincing about his willingness to reform that his old enemy Iron Man sponsored him for membership. Thus Hawkeye joined Quicksilver, the Scarlet Witch, and Captain America as the second generation of the Mighty Avengers.

Young, impatient and hot-tempered, hawkeye at first continually rebelled against Captain America’s leadership. Yet as time passed, Hawkeye came to respect the captain, and today is one of Captain America’s closest and most loyal friends.

Feeling outclassed by the super-powered members of the Avengers, for a time Hawkeye used Henry Pym’s “Pym particles” potions to grow to gigantic size and becoming the second Goliath. It was in this guise that he brought the criminal Egghead to justice for murdering his brother barney. Hwakeye retired his Goliath identity after the Kree-Skrull War, but has returned to it recently during “Operation:Galactic Storm” and other missions.

Hawkeye has been an active member of the Avengers for the greater part of the team’s history, but he has temporarily left the team at various points. For example, he brielfy worked with the Defenders, even finding himself on their side during the Avengers-Defenders War. Hawkeye also worked for atime as security chief for Cross technological Enterprises until the costumed adventurer Mockingbird revealed to him how corrupt the firm was.

Hawkeye’s romance with the black Widow ended badly, and his longstanding crush on the Scarlet Witch was always unrequited, although he remains friends with both. It was Mockingbird, however, whom he finally married after sharing an adventure with her in which the criminal Crossfire severlt damaged his hearing. (As a result Hawkeye now wears a hearing aid).

Soon after their wedding the Vision assigned the duo to found the California-based team that became known as the Avengers West Coast. Hawkeye has demonstrated how he had matured over the years by proving a highly effective organizer and chairman for the new group.

But Hawkeye’s greatest leadership crisis cost him his wife. He stood fast on the Avengers’ ban on killing even when he learned that Mockingbird had allowed the her enemy, the third Phantom Rider, to fall to his death. Furious she quit the Avengers and put an end to their marriage.

Shortly thereafter, Hawkeye himself left the team rather than accede to the government’s demand that USAgent become a member. hawkeye spent the subsequent months training the so-called “Great Lakes Avengers” before returning to the West Coast team.

A short time ago, Hawkeye and Mockingbird were reconciled. But their newfound happiness was cut short when Mockingbird was killed in combat. When the Avengers West Coast were disbanded, Hawkeye chose to go off on his own, hoping to find his new purpose in life.

Years later Clint was commissioned to train a group of rebels known as the Shadows along with Sundance and Striker. He attempted to keep them from killing, but on one raid Striker killed a woman and injured her fiance, a friend of James Rhodes. As War Machine, Rhodes was surprised to see Hawkeye among the rebels, and even more so when a government backed group led by US Agent also arrived. The three were able to stop the conflict and were confronted by the mysterious Advisor.

After years fighting alongside the Avengers, Hawkeye offered to lead the Thunderbolts. Sympathetic to their plight as criminals trying to redeem their past actions, he decided to help them become a legitimate superhero team. Clint also became romantically involved with Moonstone (Karla Sofen).Shortly after rejoining the Avengers, Clint was thought to have perished on an exploding Kree ship created by a crazed Scarlet Witch.

Hawkeye showed up alive once more in the Scarlet Witch’s mutant-dominated altered reality, with no memory of the reality before. When a young mutant gave several of the heroes the ability to remember the way the world once was, Clint and the others were horrified at what the Scarlet Witch had done. With his memory restored, Hawkeye remembered the events his own death. When the heroes confronted the Witch and her children, Hawkeye angrily shot her in the back, demanding to know why she had killed him, as he was her friend and had only love for her. One of the Witch’s children made Hawkeye vanish into nothingness with just a thought. After reality was restored several heroes arrived at the ruined Avengers mansion after a report that someone had been there, only to find Clint’s costume and a newspaper cutting about his death, pinned to the ruins by Hawkeye’s trademark purple arrows.

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