Jim Harper

Fighting Amazing
Agility Incredible
Strength Excellent
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Good
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Excellent

Health 140
Karma 60
Resources Excellent
Popularity 40


Regeneration: Poor


Guardian Shield: Made from Shift-X material, it provides Unearthly protection if it is not used to attack with in the same turn. He may throw the shield up to 2 areas and have it richochet back to him with a successful Agility FEAT. If used as a blunt throwning weapon , the shield inflicts Excellent damage; if used as a slugfest blunt attack then Remarkable damage is caused.
Energy Blast: An energy blaster is built into his shield. It is capable of 1 intense burst of Amazing energy and must be recharged after each use (by plugging it into special equipment for 20 minutes.
Guardian Costume: Remarkable protection vs. Physical, Fire and Heat attacks: Good vs. Energy attacks. If Guardian is using shield for defense his total defensive rank ratings are Shift-X vs. Physical, Fire , and Heat; and Unearthly v. Energy.


Weapon Specialist: Shield, Martial Arts-All, Acrobatics, Tumbling, Law Enforcement, Detective.


Project Cadmus, Superman, The Newsboy Legion, Arsenal, Superboy


Jim Harper was a police man during 1930s and 1940s in the Suicide Slum area of Metropolis. His best friend had turned to a life of crime and was gunned down before Harper’s eyes. Shortly afterwards the rookie police cadet was attacked and severely beaten by a gang. Determined to fight back but feeling constrained by law he created the identity of the Guardian by using his skills as a protege of Joe Morgan (the same boxer who trained Atom I and Wildcat I). The Guardian was a success and became a fixture in Metropolis and in the All-Star Squadron. As Jim Harper he was responsible for keeping the Newsboy Legion out of trouble and became their legal guardian. After the war the Guardian retired and Harper became a detective.

Years later the children who had been the Newsboy Legion had become the leaders in each of their respective fields and banded together once more to create the super-secret Cadmus Project. When Harper was fatality wounded by a gunman they decided to try and save him. They cloned his body and transplanted his memories into it. In gratitude Harper took up the identity of the Guardian again and became head of security for Cadmus. Harper with the telepath Dubbilex has become the moral watchdog of Cadmus and one of the people charged with watching over Superboy.

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