Guardian I

Identity: James MacDonald Hudson

Fighting Excellent
Agility Incredible
Strength Remarkable
Endurance Excellent
Reason Incredible
Intuition Good
Psyche Excellent

Health 110
Karma 70
Resources Remarkable
Popularity 0




Boost Agility and Strength to listed levels, without the suit they drop to Good and his health drops to 60.
Force Field: Personal force field of Amazing strength against Physical and Energy attacks. Guardian can however be slammed or stunned.
Flight: Shift-X, 50 areas/round
Energy Beams: Incredible force damage at 10 areas or a vortex of Excellent energy damage to all in 1 area at a 2 areas range.
Digging: at 3 areas/round or 2 areas/round when others must follow.
Transport: Guardian’s suit has a special movement system which could manipulate gravitons to stop Guardian from moving with respect to the rotating Earth below. This gives him air speed ranging from Shift-Z (near the equator) to Incredible (near the poles). Regardless of speed, the movement occurs so instantaneously that it appears as teleportation to the naked eye


Engineering, Physics, Computer, Electronics, Leadership


Wolverine, Canadian government officials, former Beta and gamma flight member


A much older James Hudson claims to be the real McCoy, the progenitor and leader of Alpha Flight since the team’s inception years ago. According to his memories, he had returned to the new Department H after it’s resurrection, only to find it a very different department from the one he helped create. He was taken prisoner by the new H, had his entire cerebral cortex wiped clean and his battle suit programmed to carry him into space and into imminent death. By some lucky stroke, he managed to command the suit to reverse its flight, plunging him back to Earth where he landed in Antarctica. As happenstance would have it, Dr. Walter Langkowski – the Alpha called Sasquatch – happened to be working at a nearby base and found Hudson, near death. Langkowski revived Hudson and together, they gathered the original members of Alpha Flight to try and get some answers from the new, sinister H.

Upon rejoining the new Alpha’s, Mac learned that he was the original Guardian and that the young imposter was a synthoid created by the Department to supplant him. Since then, Guardian I has resumed his role as leader of Alpha Flight.

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