Green Lantern – Kyle Rayner

Kyle Rayner

Fighting Good
Agility Excellent
Strength Good
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Good
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Incredible

Health 90
Karma 80
Resources Good
Popularity 10




Green Lantern Power Ring: Green Lantern’s ring, considered by some to be one of the most powerful weapons in the known universe, has the ability to affect and use fundamental forces of the known universe. including electromagnetic energies such as gravity, radiation, heat, light, and powerful blasts of concussive force. The ring is considered to be made from Unearthly material and has a strength to match. Only Kyle Rayner is able to use his Green Lantern Power Ring. The ring is bonded to his DNA and no one else (besides a close blood relative) can use the ring. Should the ring ever leave Kyle, it will automatically return to him.
Electromagnetic Force Manipulation: The Green Lantern Power Ring has extensive energy manipulation powers able to effect the entire spectrum including gravity, radiation, heat, light at Amazing ability. Kyle can only create 1 effect per round, but can maintain up to 3 existing effects by making a sucessful Psyche FEAT roll. On the creation of solid objects the GM decides which creations are within the power of the ring and assigns a power intensity FEAT: Simple weapons, entrapments devices, common geometric shapes, gigantic hands and simple containers are all powers stunts and are usually Monstrous rank. Powers stunts include:
Energy Blasts: Amazing Energy, 7 areas
Kinetic Blast: Project Amazing blasts of concussive force.
Force Field: Amazing rank
Create objects of solid energy: Amazing
The GL ring is also capable of imparting the following extra abilities:
True Flight: Incredible airspeed in Earth’s atmosphere, Class 3000 in space
Life Support: The ring provides Class 1000 life support when required.
Energy Sheath: This life sustaining aura protects him from harm. The ring generates a field of life sustaining atmosphere and protection from harmful radiation, even if the wearer is unconscious. It also offers Psyyche rank defence vs attacks.
Electromagnetic Scanning: The ring has a wide range of detection abilities. If it can be concieved it can probably be detected. Most normal electromagnetic phenomena are within the range of the ring, including radio, television, infrared, ultraviolet, and high frequency band communications at Unearthly levels.
Universal Translator: The ring allows the wearer to communicate with anyone, no matter what language is spoken at Monstrous rank. The ring allowed for translation as long as the medium for communication was able to be duplicated by the ring, and that the wearer was aware that communication was being attempted.
Regeneration and Recovery: Excellent ability to repair minor injuries in himself or others.
Absorption: Unearthly
Invisibility: A ring wielder can render him/her/itself invisible at Monstrous rankl by willing the ring to bend light waves around his/her/its form, as well as that of the power ring. Presumably, a similar action allows an experienced ring wielder to create objects of colors other than green.
Astral Travel: The power ring allows the wearer to create an “energy twin” of his/her/itself with Excellent ability that can travel at far greater speeds than that of the ring wielder’s physical form. While the energy twin is active the ring wielder remains motionless, his/her/its life force is needed to guide the energy twin.
Life Sense: Green Lantern “Type” Energy only: Class 1000
Mind Tampering: Though the ethics of mind tampering may be debatable, sometimes it is necessary. As the power ring relies on thought and will to operate, mind tampering is not impossible, the real difficulty lies in properly applying the power. This power rank is the same as the wielders Psyche.
Full Environmental Playback: Upon request, the power ring can recreate a holographic environment based on data in its memory banks. The ring wielder can observe events in a ghostlike state, but the ring wielder cannot alter the outcome of the playback. All objects in the playback will appear in the full spectrum of colors, regardless of the wielder’s level of expertise creating simulcrums. The power ring will automatically end the playback if outside interference warrants the ring wielder’s undivided attention.
Protection from Mortal Harm: The power ring features an emergency energy reserve, to be utilized only when the wielder faces mortal injury. This power automatically activates to preserve the wearer’s life and can be used only once during a twenty four hour period, unless the power ring is recharged at the power battery. The effect can then last up to an additional twenty four hours, to protect the ring possessor if energy runs out in the void of space.
Emergency Beacon: A Green Lantern in distress can use his/her/its power ring as an emergency beacon of Class 1000 rank. The alert can be directed to a Green Lantern’s neighboring sector, or it can be a Corps-wide alert.
Homing Beacon: A homing beacon in the power ring can lead one Green Lantern to another.
Raise Power: Any power or ability of the ring may be temporarily enhanced by a Psyche FEAT roll. He must roll with -2CS against Psyche for every +1CS he is hoping for. If he wants to fly at Remarkable he must make a Psyche check at Good. This is why Lanterns can make HUGE energy blasts but have gritted teeth and sweat pouring down their face. The more powerful the blast the harder it is to do. If using the optional Universal table with the blue fumbles, a Blue Result shorts out the Power Ring, rendering it inoperable for the duration of 1d10 turns.
Create Power Rings: Kyle Rayner is able to create Power Rings with the same abilities as his own. He has done so for Jade and John Stewart. At this time it is unkonwn if Kyle can still create power rings.
Power Battery:
Material Strength: Unearthly
Energy Source: Unearthly
Energy Absorption: Unearthly
Invisibility: Amazing


Charge: Each power ring maintains a Class 3000 positive charge to use. This is decreased by the power rank used. Intensity of FEAT’s using the ring drain points from the ring’s 3000 point charge. As most Green Lantern’s never use this kind of power in a 24hour period, most believe the ring charge is unlimited.
The other real weakness of the ring is the wearer. If he/she can be kept from focusing his will, through drug use, neural interference, vertigo or other form of mental incapacitation, then the ring can be rendered useless.
Despite even the greatest of wills, sometimes a ring construct can be broken. It may seem a mere annoyance to a ring wielder, but in reality it could prove quite deadly. A ring wielder links his/her/itself to the power, a psychic backlash occurs immediately after the disruption of a ring generated construct. The backlash can be very painful and disorienting but leaves no permanent damage to the ring wielder. The real danger to the ring wielder is the split seconds of incapacitation, leaving him/her/it vulnerable to attack.
Protection of Life: The ring’s programming forbids the taking of life, yet surprisingly this restriction can be removed on Oa. Ordinarily, the ring will issue a warning to the wielder and may even shut down, leaving the wielder vulnerable to attack.
Residual Energy: The ring leaves a trace residue of green energy on objects it touches or in the immediate vicinity of its use. The residue lingers for a few hours and is detectable by those with heightened senses of awareness, or by sophisticated mechanical devices, such as the creature known as Legion or the robotic Fists of the Guardians.
A time null zone can render the ring powerless by freezing the flow of time around the helpless ring wielder. Likewise, the flow of time can be accelerated in the ring’s vicintiy, causing the power ring’s charge to be depleted in what may seem seconds to the ring wielder.
A weapon capable of firing a Xantha charge can kill a ring wielder. The crimson colored Xantha charge shifts to yellow upon contact with the ring’s emerald energy. If the defending ring wielder is not careful, he/she/it will be killed.
Some advanced technologies such as those of Qward or Apokolips have managed to develop nullification fields. The Weaponers of Qward had created such a field in one of their fortresses, while a rogue parademon from Apokolips had set up a null field around an Earth island. The Guardians of the Universe also employed a nullification field against power rings. To study a possibly defective power ring, a field was set up on the deserted side of Oa.


Aerial Combat, Artist, Weapon Specialist: Power Ring

Although not the most powerful Green Lantern Kyle uses his ring very effectively. As such he gains a +2CS to all FEAT’s.


Justice League, Jade, John Stewart, Alan Scott, Merayn, Guy Gardener, Hal Jordan


The Guardians of the Universe were gone, the Green Lantern Corps destroyed, the Rings powerless. All at the hands of former GL Hal Jordan who angered by the Guardians appearing lack of humanity decided to take the entirety of their emerald power for himself so that he might rebuild Coast City and bring back to life it’s seven million inhabitants. All this was unknown to small time graphic illustrator Kyle Rayner as he exited the back of a LA night club to be confronted by the diminutive form of Ganthet – the last of the Guardians.

In that instant Kyle’s life was transformed as Ganthet gave him the last functioning Green Lantern Ring before disappearing. It took Kyle’s girlfriend, a local photographer to identify the connection in the uniform that the ring generated and that worn by the heroes known as Green Lantern. Kyle had to begin to learn how to use the ring and was thrown head long into a confrontation with the supervillain Ohm that caused him to under go a crash course in self tuition in the abilities of the Green Lantern ring. After the battle Kyle decided to change from the traditional GL costume to one of his own design to differentiate him from the previous wielders of the ring.

Things started to snowball quickly for the rookie GL when he had his first encounter with another superhero in the form of Superman whom he helped to defeat the alien warlord Mongul and he gained his first insight into the history behind the ring. Shortly afterwards a shadowy government agency used Major Force to try and capture/kill Kyle so they could gain his ring after they had come into ownership of a piece of glowing green material of extraterresital origins. Major Force killed Alexandra DeWitt, Kyle’s girlfriend and left her body in the fridge, in the ensuing battle Kyle found that his ring had literally run out of energy. When the Major confronted Kyle with the green material it morphed into a traditional; power battery and Kyle found that he could recharge his ring and defeat Major Force.

Mere hours after Alex’s death as Kyle tried to come to terms with her death he was visited by Alan Scott, the original Golden Age Green Lantern who explained to him the legacy of the Corps, the fall of Hal Jordan and the destruction of the Guardians of the Universe. It was then that Kyle was pulled into the crisis known as Zero Hour.

It was during the Zero Hour that Kyle first met Hal Jordan as the villain Parallax. They battled each other at the dawn of time with the result that when the universe was restarted both were thrown back into normal existence on Oa. Hal tried to absorb new emerald power from the very soil of Oa and Kyle was forced to destroy the planet rather than let Hal have access to more energy. On his way back to Earth Kyle encountered the New Titans and Darkstar Donna Troy (the former Wonder Girl). He adventured with them and eventually he started a relationship with Donna and became a member of the Titans.

Kyle soon had the chance to come face to face with Ganthet again when the Guardian tracked him down and tested him and chose that Kyle was unworthy to wield the ring. Right in the middle of the discussion Parallax appeared and demanded that Ganthet give him the ring. Kyle and Hal broke out into a “Battle Royal” that forced Ganthet to gather together former Justice Leaguers to put a stop to Hal. In the end it was Kyle’s unending determination that forced Hal to admit that there was no going back, he could never be Green Lantern again.

The following weeks made Kyle look more into what it was to be a superhero and a Green Lantern. It forced a rocky time on his relationship with Donna but Kyle gained valuable advice from Darkstar, John Stewart and set off to gain further advice from Batman, Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman. He also teamed up with Donna, John, the rest of the Darkstars and Adam Strange to defeat the bastard son of Darkseid, Garyven. Afterwards Kyle started a friendship with the second Green Arrow, mirroring an old tradition. Things started to level off for him as he gained more respect with the Superhero community when he joined the Justice League and helped persuade Hal to save the Earth during the Final Night.

Kyle had to face the supervillian Fatality, a woman whose world was destroyed due to an accident when John Stewart was Green Lantern. She has hated GL’s ever since and sought to track down and kill all former and current GL’s. After her defeat Kyle had to deal with the appearance of Jade in his apartment. Her brother Obsidian got into a battle with Kyle when Obsidian mistook his intention towards her as she is only staying there until she gets back on her feet. Recently Kyle has been reunited with his mother in California, while there he learned that Donna’s young son and her ex-husband had been killed in a horrific car crash. He is now come to terms with the death of Hal Jordan and is beginning to become more confortable in the role of Green Lantern. A further encounter with Grayven catapulted Kyle into the 30th century where he encountered the Legion of Superheroes.

After joining the Legion in the fight against a future criminal group called the Green Lantern Corps, Kyle was returned to the 20th century, however instead of ending up back in his present he was sent 10 years further into the past, where he met a young Hal Jordan, who had just recently become a Green Lantern himself. After having helped out Hal in apprehending Sinestro the Guardians of the Universe used their mental energies to return Kyle to the present, but Kyle was not the only one. Just before the energies that were supposed to send Kyle into the future Sinestro pushed Hal into the equation catapulting Hal into the future along with Kyle. The two heroes spent the next few weeks learning more of each other. Following a fight with his own future self, Parallax, Hal was returned to his own time with no recollection of his adventures in the future. However, before returning Hal gave Kyle a duplicate of his own power ring in the hope Kyle would one day recreate the Green Lantern Corps.

Determined to honor Hal’s wishes Kyle elected Jade to be his stand-in while he himself went into space to form a new corps. Unfortunately his attempt didn’t turn out quite the way he had hoped as one of his new Green Lanterns tried using his newfound power to conquer the world and although Kyle and the rest of his new Creen Lantern Corps eventually beat him, Kyle decided that he wasn’t ready to start a new corps yet and reclaimed the new Green Lanterns’ rings and returned to Earth.

Over time the Green Lanterns power slowly overtook Kyle’s body granting huge levels of power. Kyle thought that his increased energy merely reflected greater control of his power ring and while he had indeed mastered the ring, the true source of his increased power levels was a fusion of the power that once gave life to Oblivion and the remaining emerald energies Parallax channeled to reignite Earth’s extinguished sun. Kyle used that power and transformed into Ion, a being of godlike abilities.

Forsaking the title of Green Lantern, Kyle entered a new form of existence. As Ion, he was everywhere at once, making a greater difference than Kyle had ever dreamed possible. But Kyle’s enhanced power and augmented awareness held one dark drawback: Ion was one with everything, yet Kyle Rayner could no longer sleep or separate himself from the overwhelming responsibilities. Rather than sacrifice his dwindling humanity, Kyle abandoned omnipotence, bleeding off the vast power at his command by recharging the Central Power Battery on the planet Oa and helping to create a new group of Guardians in the process and reaffirming his Green Lantern’s oath. Once again limited only by his willpower and imagination, the power ring continues to make Green Lantern one of the most powerful heroes on Earth.

Kyle has left Earth for personal reason’s and has left John Stewart as Earth’s Green Lantern.

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