Green Lantern – Alan Scott

Alan Scott

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Remarkable
Strength Good
Endurance Incredible
Reason Excellent
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Amazing

Health 110
Karma 100
Resources Good
Popularity 20


Green Lantern has extensive energy manipulation powers able to effect the entire spectrum including gravity, radiation, heat, light at Monstrous ability. Green Lantern can only create 1 effect per round, but can maintain up to 3 existing effects by making a sucessful psyche FEAT roll. On the creation of solid objects the GM decides which creations are within the power of the ring and assigns a power intensity FEAT: Simple weapons, entrapments devices, common geometric shapes, gigantic hands and simple containers are all powers stunts and are usually Monstrous rank. Powers stunts include:
Energy Blasts: Monstrous
Kinetic Blast: Project Monstrous blasts of concussive force.
Force Field: Monstrous rank
Create objects of solid energy: Monstrous
True Flight: Incredible airspeed in Earth’s atmosphere, Class 3000 in space
Energy Sheath: This life sustaining aura protects him from harm. He can generate a field of life sustaining atmosphere and protection from harmful radiation, even if he is unconscious. It also offers Monstrous defence against physical and energy damage.
Electromagnetic Scanning: Alan is able to detect most normal electromagnetic phenomena are within an Amazing range, including radio, television, infrared and ultraviolet.
Mystical Lantern:
Material Strength: Unearthly
Energy Source: Unearthly
Energy Absorption: Unearthly
Invisibility: Amazing


The energy is ineffective against wood. Items made of wood cannot be lifted or broken by energy from the ring nor can barriers of emerald energy stop projectiles crafted from wood.
The ring must be recharged every 24 hours within the lantern
His Endurance drops to Excellent when not wearing the ring.


Engineering, Repair/Tinkering, Martial Arts E, Business/Finance, Weaponmaster: Power Ring

Alan Scott uses his ring very effectively. As such he gains a +1CS to all FEAT’s.


Justice Society, Infinity Inc, Jade, Obsidian, Kyle Rayner, John Stewart


Though he was never an actual member of the Green Lantern Corps, the story of Alan Scott, first known as the Golden Age Green Lantern and now Sentinel, is older than the Corps itself.

Three and a half billion years ago a humanoid race from the world of Maltus sought to bring order to the stars. An offshoot of the race became known as the Guardians of the Universe. They sought to remove magic from the universe, and laid siege to the necromantic forces of the cosmos. The war was costly on both sides. The last to fall was the powerful Empire of Tears, finally subdued by the Guardians on the tombworld of Ysmault.

After the wars, the stray mystical energies were gathered and bound in an orb called the Starheart. Its strength grew over the eons, and eventually it became self-aware and was known as the Green Flame of Life. Though the Guardians were powerful, the force of magic was something that could not be contained forever. In preparation for this day, the Starheart willed a small portion of itself to travel through the universe to fulfill its destiny. As it travelled through space, the piece of the Starheart gathered debris over the centuries until in resembled a meteor.

Three billion years ago, the Green Lantern Corps was created. Wielding the mighty power ring, the Green Lanterns continued the Guardians’ quest for order.

Two thousand years ago, one of the greatest of the Green Lanterns, Yalan Gur of Space Sector 2814, was nearly killed by a yellow beast. The Guardians removed his ring’s yellow impurity, rather than risk losing their best Green Lantern to an arbitrary weakness.

Yalan Gur was soon corrupted by his power, forcing his will on the people of ancient China. The Guardians had no recourse but to instill a new weakness in Yalan Gur’s ring to humble their errant Green Lantern. He was now vulnerable to the wood of the peasants’ weapons. The Green Lantern was badly injured by the angry humans.

So enraged by the humans’ attack and by the Guardians’ apparent betrayal, Yalan Gur did not order his ring to repair his wounds. Mortally injured, he plummeted to Earth, the air friction setting him on fire.

The wandering piece of the Starheart felt Yalan Gur’s pain and joined with the Green Lantern. He died during reentry to Earth’s atmosphere, his life force absorbed by his power battery. Its casing melted and fused with the piece of the mystical Starheart. The Guardians left the remains on Earth, as a monument and prison to a fallen Green Lantern.

The remains were found by local villagers and considered a meteor. Chang, a lamp maker that dabbled in sorcery, heard a mental cry from Yalan’s tortured spirit. “Three times shall I flame green!” it spoke, “First – to bring death!” it promised in rage, “Second to bring life!” in its remorse, and “Third – to bring power!” in his desire to live again.

Chang had read prophecy regarding the strange green meteor and took a part of it, frightening the people of the village. They had believed Chang and the fallen star were evil. Chang made a lamp of the molten metal, angering the villagers to the point of attacking him. They burned his books and it was believed they had killed him. In turn the villagers were killed by green flame of the lamp. “First – to bring death!”

The lamp passed through many hands over the years. It brought good luck and fortune to the good of heart. To the evil, though they might achieve mighty conquests, in the end it brought destruction.

In the twentieth century, the lamp was brought to America by a trio of adventurers who had tracked the pirates of the China seas. Eventually, it was abandoned just north of Gotham City, outside the Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane.

The lamp was found in a trash can and given to one of the patients, Mr. Billings. He had killed his broker in the aftermath of the stock market crash of 1929. Billings was fond of working with metals, and transformed the Chinese lamp into a train lantern.

As the lantern flamed with light, Billings was cured of his insanity. Soon, he walked out of Arkham Asylum a sane man. “Second – to bring life!”

In 1939, the lantern and engineer Alan Scott were onboard a train testing the newly constructed Trestle Bridge in the American West. A fellow engineer of Scott’s was worried about their competitor in the bid for the bridge, an unscrupulous man named Albert Dekker. Scott did not believe Dekker would stoop so low as to sabotage their trial run, but he was wrong. While crossing the bridge there was a mighty explosion, the train was hurled to the ground below.

All on the train were killed, except for Alan Scott. The green lantern’s flame illuminated the wreckage and spoke to Scott, telling him much of its story. The flame promised Scott that power over the dark, evil things would be his if he had faith in himself. If he lost his faith, he would lose his power, because willpower was the flame of the green lantern. Scott was told to carve away part of the lantern to make a ring of power. The ring would need to be touched to the green lantern once every twenty-four hours.

Alan Scott donned the costume and name Green Lantern to bring justice to the world and after several adventures in Metropolis, he moved to Gotham City in early 1940, taking a job with WXYZ, a radio station. He began as a news reporter and soon became somewhat a star in his own right, with many reports about the new hero, The Green Lantern. At the station, his confidant and chauffeur was Charles “Doiby” Dickles, a cabbie who later became aware of Scott dual ID and aided him on many cases.

After meeting another hero, Keystone City’s Flash, The Green Lantern was asked by the US government to aid British Intelligence. That case led to the formation of the Justice Society of America, which he was a founding member and second chairman.

Green Lantern was present at the hearings in 1951 in which he, along with the rest of the JSA, was instructed to reveal his identity to the public and to submit to questioning by the committee. He declined and retired from active service with the JSA. During the following years, Alan Scott consolidated his efforts at the Gotham Broadcasting Company and rose to an executive position. In the early 1960’s, the criminal known as the Reaper attempted to consolidate the criminal factions in Gotham City under his control. The Green Lantern emerged from retirement to address this menace but was critically injured in the fray. This led to a search by some newly re-active members of the JSA, but the Reaper had fled Gotham, not to return for many years. Green Lantern, along with several other JSAers, was captured by Vandal Savage in the early 1960’s, only to be freed later by the combination of the Flashes of Earths One and Two. When the JSA resumed regular meetings shortly thereafter, Green Lantern returned to active membership.

Alan Scott came out of retirement in the early 1960’s to stop a criminal known as the Reaper who attempted to gain control of all criminal organizations in Gotham City. Green Lantern was critically injured with his battle with the Reaper which led to the reforming of the Justice Society of America and to their first meeting with their Earth-1 counterparts. Alan Scott was quite active over the next 20 years and participated in many JSA and JLA cases.

After Crisis on Infinite Earths, Alan and the rest of the Justice Society were taken into Ragnarok to prevent the destruction of Earth where they remained for many years. They were rescued by Wave Rider and the Spectre to help fight the demon Abraxis. The JSA reformed and continued their fight against crime that led to fight their old foes again, Ultra Humanite and Kulak. Years later, Alan mysteriously regained his youth by the Starheart, the source of his power. This was only a lure to draw Alan to the Starheart where he faced the Starheart and defeated it. The Starheart escaped and Alan Scott returned to Earth.

After strange time anomalies were happening all over Earth, Dr. Fate summoned the entire JSA to help right the universe. They were lead to Extant where many of the JSA were slain in this assault and the surving members were greatly aged. Green Lantern survived by the protection of his ring and fled to Earth with the rest of the JSA. Alan Scott finally retired and gave his ring to Kyle Rayner, Earths current Green Lantern. Alan came out of retirement after discovering he had the innate abilities of the ring and donned a new costume and named himself Sentinel.

As Fate, the successor of Doctor Fate slowly began to explore his powers, the mystics of the DC Universe banded together to see if Fate posed a threat to them and Earth, Sentinel was one of them. Sentinel and Fate have no friendship between them as Sentinel believes that Fate was the wrong person to inherit the powers of the original Doctor Fate. However on several occasions they have made an excellent team. The current Green Lantern asked Sentinel for advice on what it means to be a hero and to wear the ring but he soon learned that Sentinel now performs his tasks much different then he did when he was the original Green Lantern. Sentinel has even been used as a pawn against the new Fate by a Lord of Chaos.

Alan Scott’s ring was destroyed in Zero Hour by Extant. The lantern and ring was carved from the starheart, which after the ring was destroyed, still left him with the same powers. This is from having contact with it for so long.

Alan fought the Starheart again, a battle that nearly killed him and sent his powers haywire. Only with help from Jade (his daughter) and Green Arrow II, was he able to siphon the excess power. Unfortunately, this drained most of his innate abilities which re-aged him to his correct age. Donning his old costume again, Sentinel became Green Lantern again and has made his way back into the new JSA.

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