Green Goblin II

Green Goblin II
Harry Osborn

Fighting Excellent
Agility Amazing
Strength Remarkable
Endurance Incredible
Reason Good
Intuition Good
Psyche Typical

Health 140
Karma 26
Resources Excellent
Popularity -15


Regeneration: Amazing

Body Armor: Excellent protection vs Physical and Force attacks, and Remarkable protection from Energy attacks.
Pumpkin Bombs: Remarkable Energy, and may explode on contact, or by twisting the stem, can be set to explode up to 2 rounds after being thrown.
Goblin Grenades (Asphyxiation Bombs):
Plain Smoke: Incredible intensity
Knock-Out Gas: Incredible intensity
Incendiary: Incredible intensity
Spider-Sense Clouding: Knocks out Spider-Man’s Spider-Sense at Poor rank for 24 hours. (The gas can be used on it’s own, and can also be used in a regular pumpkin bomb. The gas knocking out other people’s danger sense is up to the individual judge who can make their own ruling.)
Razor Bats: Good Edge, throwing damage. Multiple blades can be thrown, but at a -1CS for each additional blade thrown that round.
Glove Blasters: Remarkable Energy for 3 areas
Pike: Excellent edged damage, but can increase with a flying charging attack.
Goblin Glider:
Control Speed Body Protection
Incredible Typical Good None


Business, Electronics, Chemistry, Throwing Weapons


Liz Allen-Osborn, Normie Osborn, Peter Parker, Mary Jane Watson-Parker, Felicia Hardy, OsCorp Industries


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