Franklin Hall

Fighting Poor
Agility Typical
Strength Typical
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Excellent
Intuition Good
Psyche Typical

Health 46
Karma 36
Resources Remarkable
Popularity -10


Gravity Manipulation: Shift-Y control over gravity. He is limited to six effects at any given time, the average being four effects in one round. If he attampts more than four effects in one round, he must make a green or better power FEAT roll. Failure cancels all but the two most recent power effects. His Shift-Y power control means that he can only fail if he rolls a 01 thru 06. The odds are quite high in his favor that he will maintain six actions. He has developed the following power stunts:
Flight: Unearthly
Levitation: Shift-X
Increase/Decrease Weight-Shift-Y
Gravitic Force bolts: Unearthly
Gravitic Force Field: Unearthly




Quantum, Zzzax


Frank Hall is a petty man blessed with god-like powers. He was working at a research facility when a laboratory accident left him extremely powerful. At first using his powers for subversive revenge against his annoying co-workers, he soon wanted to rule the world with his powers. He kidnapped an entire complex, suspending it in the air, and kidnapped his friend’s wife to make her his “queen.” The Avengers opposed him, but it was his “queen’s” attempted suicide that unhinged Hall enough to allow himself to be defeated.

Later, he sent out communications into outer space so that he could make allies with representatives of the other 3 fundamental forces, (his control over gravitation being one, the weak force, strong force, and electromagnetism being the others.) Assembling his team, they fought and captured the Avengers’ west coast branch. Tigra used her human alter-ego to escape and free the others, and they set up their enemies to fight each other. Their powers out of control, Graviton and the complex he was suspending in the air shot into space. His survival and subsequent activities remain to be seen.

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