Identity: Unknown

Fighting Poor
Agility Good
Strength Typical
Endurance Good
Reason Typical
Intuition Typical
Psyche Incredible

Health 30
Karma 52
Resources Poor
Popularity 0

Emotion Control: Gossamyr has an unconscious ability to control emotions. When she is preset, her unconscious desires will force men to fight for her affections and women to act jealous and spiteful. A Yellow Psyche FEAT roll is required to resist, reduced to Green if the characters are aware of her influence. Gossamyr’s powers will not affect those already in combat.
Energy Cocoon: Gossamyr can, in extreme emergencies, transform herself into an energy cocoon. This cocoon flies at Incredible rank speed (20 areas per round), has Amazing protection against physical and energy attacks, and does Incredible rank damage on impact via a Charging attack. However, when ever she enters this form, she must make a Yellow Endurance FEAT roll or be unable to escape the cocoon until she evolves to adult form.
Adult Form: When Gossamyr gets to a certain age, she will transform in to a giant monster capable of ravaging suns. Their stats are left to the Judge’s imagination.




New Mutants, X-Terminators


Gossamyr is a member of a race of creatures powerful enough to ravage suns. She and her parents had been kidnapped by a freebooting intergalactic merchant named Spyder, who also kidnapped Lila Cheney, a friend of the New Mutants. When the New Mutants pursued Spyder to rescue her, Gossamyr escaped and joined them, and despite initial troubles, learned to like them. When Gossamyr’s parents were prematurely evolved into monsters by Spyder, Lila gave her life to save them by teleporting herself and Gossamyr’s parents into the heart of the sun. Gossamyr joined the New Mutants.

Several months later, when the New Mutants entered the giant ship headquarters of X-Factor, the ship recognized Gossamyr as a member of the race of star destroyers and tried to prevent her from evolving into her adult stage by killing her. After the ship was dissuaded from killing her, it gave Gossamyr a one-man starship and sent her to a planet where those of her race had been taught to use their powers peacefully. When last seen, Gossamyr said goodbye to her friends in the New Mutants and left to pursue her destiny.

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