Identity: Unknown

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Good
Strength Incredible
Endurance Amazing
Reason Typical
Intuition Good
Psyche Good

Health 130
Karma 26
Resources Excellent
Popularity 6 / 80 with Inhumans

Mutated Legs and Feet: Gorgon’s legs are heavily muscled and his feets have taken the form of hooves. His legs can generate an intense pulse of kinetic energy which is triggered by his stomping.

He can do Amazing damage to materials by kicking them, and if he stamps upon the ground his power is flet as a shockwave attack with a range of 2 areas.
Note that no damage is inflicted by a shockwave attack, although stuns and slams still take effect.
Gorgon is treated as if having Monstrous Endurance for purposes of slams, stuns and being knocked of his feet in combat.
If he fall he always lands on his feet, Gorgon and anyone he carries are treated as having Amazing body armor when falling.






Gorgon was the only son born to the architect Korath and the archivist Milena, leading citizens of the lnhumans’ city-state Attilan. Korath was a brother to Agon, king of the Inhumans, and thus his son Gorgon is considered part of the Royal Family of Attilan. Like most of the new generation of the Royal Family, Gorgon was subjected to the Terrigen Mist when he was an infant, and the process endowed him with certain physical adaptations and powers. Gorgon’s parents were killed in the war against the Trikon, three of the Inhumans’ worker drones who were transformed into energy beings. During this war, Gorgon was forced to flee Attilan along with the deposed ruler Black Bolt and other members of the Royal Family (see Black Bolt). For years, Gorgon and his companions wandered Asia, Europe, and finally America in search of their kinsman Medusa, who was separated from them. When they finally found her in New York, Medusa mistook Gorgon as her enemy, having suffered from amnesia during her exile. Gorgon was forced to battle the Fantastic Four, among whom she sought protection. The misunderstanding was soon resolved, and Gorgon and the Royal Family returned to Attilan where Gorgon’s cousin Black Bolt resumed his rightful rule. Gorgon has remained one of Black Bolt’s most trusted aides and one of Attilan’s staunch defenders ever since. With Attilan’s unexpected return to Earth, Gorgon once more must deal with being an Inhuman in a human world.

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