Goblyn Queen

Goblyn Queen
Madelyne Pryor

Fighting Good
Agility Remarkable
Strength Typical
Endurance Unearthly
Reason Good
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Class 1000

Health 146
Karma 1040
Resources Class 1000
Popularity -20


Matter Manipulation: As the Goblyn Queen Madelyne has Class 1000 ability to manipulate matter. The following is some of the uses to which this power can be used
Use of her powers to control or alter the entire environment within ten miles.
Forcibly changing other beings into demons, upon touch. Targets are entitled to a Psyche FEAT roll to resist.
Summoning of Typical demons from normal, inanimate objects.
Telepathy: Madelyne can read minds and project thoughts at Unearthly rank. She has established the following power stunt:
Bring out a person’s darker side and cause it to take control. The victim can attempt a red Psyche FEAT to resist this power. This power stunt can effect everyone within a 10 mile radius.
Telekinesis: As the goblyn Queen, Maddie has Unearthly telekinesis, but its use is limited to her line of sight. She has established the following power stunts:
Flight at Incredible speeds.
Force Fields and Shields of Class 1000 rank which are able to protect up to 10 areas.
Unearthly Kinetic Force Bolts which can be aimed to hit one person or everyone within one area of their impact point.
Non-Detection: She has the Class 1000 ability to avoid detection by electronic sensors and similar devices.
Demons: The Goblin Queen controls hordes of loyal demons which have the following characteristics:
Fighting Excellent
Agility Typical
Strength Excellent
Endurance Typical
Reason Poor
Intuition Good
Psyche Poor

Health 52
Karma 18
Demonic Powers

Claws: Good edged
Winged Flight: Typical air speeds.
Body Armor: Their rough hides provide them with Typical protection from harm


Pilot, Computer, Occult


Hellfire Club


Madelyne’s Story begins 20 years ago. Mr.Sinster was amazed when he came opon Scott Summers and became willing to do anything to get the child of Scott Summers and Jean Grey so he created a Jean Grey of his own ,a clone. Elsewhere WhileThe Phoenix who was possing as Jean Grey (While Jean was begin healed in a coccoon) she killed herself on the moon. After that the Phoenix went to return the part it stole from Jean back into the original body. But Jean Refused it so it went to the next best thing. The Clone ,thus Madelyne Pryor was born.

After that Sinister sent Madelyne to meet Scott Summers so he could have the result of putting their genetic code together to create the ultimate Warrior to kill Apocalypse. Madelyne met Scott and fell in love with him on the spot (Since Phoenix loved him) and Scott fell for her also (Because she looked like Jean). Soon after a relationship the two decided to get married.

Soon after the wedding Madelyne bore a child named Nathan Christopher Summers (Also known as Cable). When Nathan was born Scott and Maddie left to live a normal life and thats when everything went bad. Elsewhere Jean Grey made her return when being Rescued by the Fantastic Four. Hearing of the return of Jean ,Scott ran off and left his child and wife and started X-factor.Shortly after Madelyne was attacked by the Marauders to capture her son since Sinister thought her job was over. Without her son Madelyne left and Joined the X-men and was killed with the X-men only to be revived by the goddess Roma. After the ressurection Maddie was visited by a demon called N’atrish and offered her power. She Accepted and became the Goblin Queen.

She corrupted the X-men into thinking X-factor was evil mutant killers. But also won the heart of Scott’s brother Alex. With all the pieces in place she attacked Sinister and won back her son. Then put the X-men and X-factor at eachothers throats. The 2 teams noticed the farce and teamed up against Madelyne. But she was planning on killing her son and opening the gates of Limbo and no one would get in her way.

Madelyne captured Jean and put her into a force field of power for her to get her revenge. The X-men and X-factor put their powers together to break the field and attacked maddie. Maddie and Jean got into a big fight but Jean was no match. She created a giant blast to kill her son but the teams protected him and Maddie was ultimatley hurt in the blast and was dying so she pulled Jean’s mind with her into death but the phoenix broke the link and Jean was saved and Maddie perished.

A Few years later the X-man from the AOA appeared in our dimension and ressurected Madelyne from the dead. She had no memories of her former life and started a relationship with Nate Grey. But evil lurked and Selene the evil goddess convinced Maddie to join her and she left Nate and began a new life.

After becoming the Black Rook at the newly formed Inner Circle she got all her memories back from her life as the Goblin Queen. Maddie became thinking her decision was foolish and decided to search for Nate. When they met again Jean Grey showed up and fought Maddie for the second time.

Nate got between the 2 and stopped Maddie from killing Jean. Feeling betrayed again she left nate and returned to the Inner circle to become the new Black Queen. After leaving the Inner Circle she came back to Nate and was his partner for a few months when she disappeared never to be seen again.

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