Identity: Thomas Gideon

Fighting Typical
Agility Good
Strength Poor
Endurance Typical
Reason Typical
Intuition Good
Psyche Amazing

Health 26
Karma 66
Resources Class 5000
Popularity 0

Tachyon Manipulation: Glorian’s major power is his ability to travel by creating a “Rainbow Bridge” of tachyons. With it he can carry himself and anyone else he wishes at Class 3000 speeds. While travelling, Glorian and his passengers do not require food, water, air, or livable temperatures.
Reality Manipulation: Glorian has Illusion Generation powers at Shift-Z rank. At a rate of one area/round, he can convert up to a 10 mile diameter circle for up to 23 hours. If he does not maintain this illusion, the area reverts back to its original appearance.




Shaper of Worlds


Thomas Gideon, son of billionaire Gregory Gideon and his wife Claire, was aboard a private jet with his parents when it was caught in the heat-pulse and blast wave of a Russian nuclear weapon test. The plane crashed, killing all but Thomas and his father. Picked up by a Russian trawler, the two Gideons were eventually hospitalized. There they were told that they were dying of radiation poisoning. The elder Gideon spent his remaining months designing a device to tap the mutated genes of the hero team Fantastic Four which he believed would somehow reverse his cellular decay and that of his son at the expense of the Fantastic Four’s lives.

His selfish scheme was thwarted by the hero team, and the elder Gideon was killed when his pawn, the robot Dragon Man, broke free of his control. In the midst of the wreckage appeared the alien Shaper of Worlds, attracted to the site by the dreams of one of Gideon’s henchmen. Though the henchman’s dreams proved inadequate, the Shaper took Thomas Gideon, cured him of his fatal disease, and helped him attain his true potential. As Glorian, the young man left Earth with the Shaper to undertake learning the Shaper’s skills.

Still an Earthling at heart, Glorian often returned to Earth and involved himself in the lives of its superheroes. At one point, Glorian tried to help the monster known as the Hulk by giving him his heart’s desire. Instead, however, Hulk became involved in a plot against Glorain by the demon Satannish, who who was after Glorian’s soul. In the end, the Hulk intervened on behalf of Glorian, and so saved Glorian from Satannish’s grasp. Later, Glorian was attracted to the fevered dreams of the young mutants known as Generation X. Glorian helped the mutants from being lost at sea.

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