Identity: Forgotten One

Fighting Monstrous
Agility Remarkable
Strength Unearthly
Endurance Unearthly
Reason Excellent
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Remarkable

Health 305
Karma 80
Resources Remarkable
Popularity 20

Cosmic Energy Manipulation: Gilgamesh can manipulate cosmic energy with Amazing ability, projecting Amazing beams of force from his eyes.

Metabolism Boost: By bolstering his metabolism with cosmic energy, he does not tire from exertion.
Flight: Gilgamesh can fly at Shift-X airspeeds (50 areas/ round).
Illusion Generation: Gilgamesh generates Remarkable rank illusions to disguise his own appearance.

Invulnerability: Gilgamesh has Class 1000 resistance against cold, disease, electricity, energy, heat, radiation, and toxin attacks. He does not age. He can still be affected by Stun and Slam effects as well as Kill results. Kill results are only effective if they scatter Gilgamesh’s atoms over more than six areas.
Teleportation: At Shift-Z rank, he can teleport up to 400 areas away, but he must make a red Psyche FEAT roll to do so without becoming paralyzed with pain for 1-10 rounds at his destination. No karma can be spent on these rolls.
Uni-Mind: Gilgamesh, like all Eternals, can join the Uni-Mind.


Martial Arts A, C, E, Multi-lingual (English, Ancient/ Dead Languages), Wrestling.


Olympian Eternals, Avengers, Warlord Kro


Eternal whose true name is not known. Over the centuries he has been mistaken for Samson, Beowulf, Gilgamesh, Hercules & Atlas. He also learnt to rope from Buffalo Bill Cody, fought alongside Achilles in the Trojan War, fought with King David in Judah, and helped Aeneas following the Trojan War. He was also responsible for cleaning the Augean Stables, rather than Hercules. At some point he did befriend the Interloper, but otherwise, has been mostly solitary. In the identity of Gilgamesh, he became King of Uruk, and befriended Enkidu, a hairy wild man he once faced in combat. But after Enkidu was slain, he became obsessed with his own mortality, and sought the secret of eternal life, apparently unaware that he was immortal. During his adventures, he also fought the Kronans and an enormous snake. At some point, Zuras banished the Forgotten One to a corner of Olympia and stripped him of his name, forbidding anyone to speak with him. The Forgotten One also went blind, and it is not known when or how he ultimately restored his vision.

During the 4th Host, when the other Eternals were within the Uni-Mind, Sprite contacted the Forgotten One and gained his aid in saving the Celestial Mothership from destruction by Deviant Astronauts. Though the effort of detonating the Energy Bomb nearly slew him, the Forgotten One was saved by the One Above All, and he lived aboard the Mothership for a time. The One Above All gave him a new name- “Hero”- and made him his emissary to the people of earth. As Hero, the Forgotten One was ordered to prevent the Eternals from interfering with the judgement of earth, but he was defeated in combat by Thor, and withdrew his challenge. Zuras then restored Hero’s honor, and assigned Sprite to care for him. After many of the Eternals left earth, Hero resumed the name of the Forgotten One, and infiltrated Lemuria, where he learnt of Ghaur’s plan to challenge the Celestials. He warned his fellow Eternals of the danger, and was asked by Ikaris to become the new Prime Eternal, but he declined.

During the demonic invasion of earth known as “Inferno”, Thena requested the Forgotten One to aid the humans, and, once more calling himself Gilgamesh, he complied. This led to his meeting the Avengers and joining their team, but developing insecurity around Thor, he finally left the team after somehow being injured by the Lava Men. When his strength returned, he aided the Avengers on a few cases, before being captured a being claiming to be Kang, who may actually have been Immortus. “Kang” forced Gilgamesh to train his Anachronauts, and when Gilgamesh finally escaped, he had aged rapidly. Immortus then sent an Anachronaut named Neut to slay him. It remains to be seen if Gilgamesh is truly dead, with the revelation of Immortus’ involvement.

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