Fighting Excellent
Agility Good
Strength Excellent
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Excellent
Intuition Good
Psyche Good

Health 80
Karma 40
Resources Amazing
Popularity 0


Immortality: Whether Gideon has True Immortality as he proclaims, remains to be seen.
Power Duplication: Amaing ability, 1 Area Range. Powers above Amazing rank can be duplicated, but Gideon can only use them at Amazing Intensity. Power Stunts include:
Gideon can boost a duplicated power by +1CS to a maximum of Amazing.
Gideon can switch between two different powers or use two duplicated powers at the same time.
Gideon can duplicate powers from mutants, altered humans, and aliens


Business, Leadership, Martial Arts B


AIM, Toad Taylor Foundation, DeCosta Trust, Externals, High Lords


Not much has been revealed about the past and early life of the mutant Gideon, including the events that led him to believe himself an External, an immortal mutant. Gideon studied at Harvard but was expelled under circumstances to be revealed. He went on to build his company, Ophrah Industries, into a corporate giant, intending to use his ever-growing financial power to dominate the world.

Later Gideon began forging alliances between hi-tech industrial consortiums such as GeneTech and the Taylor Foundation with powerful mutants or secret organizations such as AIM. He is known to have formed an alliance with the villainous Toad, who was leading the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants at the time, in a scheme to recreate the menace Proteus. Similarly, he joined a group of hedonists known as the Upstarts, although whether or not he carried through with their goals of killing mutants is unknown.

A long-time family friend of the De Costa family, he erroneously believed the young Roberto De Costa to be the new immortal that the Externals had been looking for. Gideon manipulated events to have De Costa’s father killed and Roberto to take over the role as leader of the De Costa family company. Gideon positioned himself as De Costa’s mentor, taking him away from his role in the hero team New Mutants and into Gideon’s confidence.

Until recently, Gideon kept his power a secret, preferring to work behind the scenes. However, the heroes New Warriors, when investigating criminal links of the Taylor Foundation, caused Gideon to reveal his mutant powers and sadistic temperament, soundly defeating them.

When it was discovered that Cannonball was the mutant Gideon was searching for, Gideon abandoned De Costa, subjecting him to viscous experiments, until he was later rescued by the New Mutant’s later incarnation, X-Force.

Gideon was the first External to be killed by Selene, when she drained him of his life energy.

Gideon had the mutant power to mimic other superhuman powers in his vicinity based on their genetic templates. He is known to have mastered the ability to absorb at least six powers at once and use all copied abilities simultaneously, often in ways the original owners had not yet considered. Gideon had access to genetic templates at his home and businesses, thus enabling him to mimic powers even when superpowered beings were not present.

Gideon also had access to numerous technological devices thanks to his contacts and his own wealth, including a variety of weapons, surveillance devices, and robotic servants.

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