Fighting Excellent
Agility Excellent
Strength Good
Endurance Excellent
Reason Excellent
Intuition Typical
Psyche Good

Health 185
Karma 70
Resources Good
Popularity 0




All his powers derive from his suit. Cybernetic circuitry in the suit’s hood allows him to operate the suit by his mental commands.
Phasing: Circuitry in the Ghost’s suit allows him to become intangible by putting his body slightly out of phase with this dimension at Amazing rank. These circuits cannot operate at the same time as the suit’s invisibility circuits do.
Invisibility: Certain circuits in his suit allow the Ghost to become invisible at will. The Ghost can also turn objects invisible as long as he remains in contact with them. The circuits can also render him invisible to mechanical and electronic sensors with Incredible ability.
Computer Control: Circuits in the Ghost’s suit allow him to control and reprogram computers by touching the equipment with Remarkable Effect.
The Ghost carries weapons such as grenades, napalm grenades, and handguns that fire energy beams.
Handguns: Incredible Force or Energy damage
Grenades: Amazing Forcedamage to 1 area.
Anson Grenades: Amazing Force. Fly in random directions at Feeble airspeed.
Bombs: Amazing strength bombs, activated by sound waves.
Portable Intangibility Circuits: Amazing rank and may attach to people or objects. The circuit and the object it’s attached to is even intangible to itself. For instance, a person with the circuit making them intangible would be unable to remove it because their hand would pass right through both the circuit and their own body. The Ghost has special circuitry in his suit that allows him remove such a device. He can release only one grenade per round, unless he takes one round beforehand to prepare them, in which case, he may release three.


Electronics, Computers, Espionage, Business/Finance, Engineering, Demolitions




Almost nothing is known about the man who is the industrial saboteur called the Ghost. He was something of a legend in the electronics industry, but few who heard the story, including industrialist Anthony Stark, secretly the hero Iron Man, believed it. That is, until Carrington Pax, a Roxxon Oil Corporation executive hired the Ghost to drive Accutech Research and Development, an electronics firm in financial trouble, into bankruptcy. Roxxon had attempted to purchase Accutech, but that firm’s executives wanted nothing to do with the disreputable Roxxon. Pax hoped that the sabotage the Ghost did would further damage Accutech’s financial standing, making it more amenable to Roxxon’s next offer of purchase.

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