Identity: Unknown
Fighting Typical
Agility Typical
Strength Poor
Endurance Excellent
Reason Typical
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Amazing

Health 36
Karma 86
Resources Feeble
Popularity 0

Teleportation: Gateway’s one known power is the ability to open a gateway between his holy place and wherever the subject desired to go, with Class 1000 ability. The maximum number of people he could teleport in this manner is unknown (he could teleport several dozen Reavers). His maximum range is also unknown. Gateway also seems to know when those who have been teleported wish to return, and can re-open the gate between their destination and his holy place to bring them back, also with Class 1000 ability. Gateway requires a fire to use his power, which is extinguished when the gate is closed, and his sacred bullroarer, which he must whirl to use his teleportation abilities.


Gateway has knowledge of aboriginal lore and their magical traditions


X-Men, Generation X


Nothing is known about the origin of the Australian aborigine known only as Gateway. Nor is it known how he came to be associated with the Reavers, a band of criminal cyborgs who used Gateway’s teleportational abilities to travel from place to place. The Reavers forced Gateway to do their bidding by threatening to destroy a place sacred to the aborigines in a way that would make it impossible to be reconsecrated. As a result, the aborigines believed the spirits of their ancestors would be enslaved by demons. It was the Reavers who named the aborigine “Gateway.” Only he apparently knows his true name. Gateway spent virtually all his time sitting atop a rock near the Reavers’ headquarters in the Australian desert.

The superhuman mutants known as the X-Men found the lair of the Reavers and defeated them in battle. One of the Reavers, known as Skullcrusher, told Gateway he would release him from all vows and obligations to the Reavers if he would use his powers to transport him to safety this one last time. Gateway agreed, and Skullcrusher and two other Reavers escaped through a teleportational “gateway” that the aborigine created.

After defeating the Reavers, the X-Men took over their headquarters in the Australian outback. Gateway began voluntarily using his teleportational powers to transport the X-Men from place to place. Psylocke, a telepath who belongs to the X-Men, used her mental powers to tell Gateway where they wanted him to send them. Gateway thus became an unofficial member of the team, but he himself remains a mystery even to them.

Gateway later appeared at the campus of the new version of Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters at the Massachusetts Academy in western Massachusetts. This is where the members of Generation X receive their training in the uses of their mutant powers. Here Gateway continued his mysterious meditations, although he did break his silence to utter the name of Penance, a young mutant he brought to the school. It has been revealed that Gateway is weighed down by guilt for a role he played in the destruction of another group of mutant students, the Hellions. Gateway teleported away from the campus, having decided his time with Generation X had come to an end.

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