Identity: Xen Whoberis

Fighting Amazing
Agility Amazing
Strength Amazing
Endurance Incredible
Reason Good
Intuition Incredible
Psyche Excellent

Health 190
Karma 70
Resources Typical
Popularity -10


Gamora’s natural abilities were raised to superhuman levels by Thanos so that she would be able to kill the Magus.
Ultimate Skill- Martial Arts: Unearthly
Martial Arts Supremacy: Unearthly

Gamora was created to kill the Magus. Thanos altered her moral perceptions so that she would have no qualms about slaying anyone who interfered with her mission. Her stay in the Soul-Gem has probably changed this. If so, she incurs normal Karma loss from killing. If not, she suffers no loss from directly killing a victim, but loses double the listed Karma penalty for noble deaths, mysterious deaths, and self-destructions that she allows to occur.


Martial Arts-All, Weapon Specialist-Dagger, Acrobatics, Tumbling; Stealth, Spacecraft Pilot, Navigation.


Warlock, Pip, Drax, Silver Surfer


In what has become an alternate future timeline, Gamora was one of a peace-loving race that opposed the Magus and his Church of Universal Truth. The penalty for such opposition was annihilation, and the Xen Whoberis did not resist. Thanos saved Gamora from the holocaust and focused her newfound hatred of the Magus in intense physical and mental training. The purpose of the training was to make her able as well as willing to kill the Magus, Warlock’s future self. To make her more able to carry out her task, the deranged Titan enhanced her natural abilities to superhuman levels.

Gamora fought alongside Thanos, Warlock, and Pip against the Magus. After the Magus was defeated, Gamora was ordered by Thanos to seek out and protect Adam Warlock because of his importance to Thanos’s future plans. Before she could locate Adam, she herself was located by Drax the Destroyer, a being who had been created to destroy Thanos. Drax attacked her on the basis of her association with Thanos. Gamora survived and returned to the starship Sanctuary II (Sanctuary I was destroyed in the battle with the Magus) to confront her master with new doubts that she felt about his purpose in seeking Warlock. She over heard him planning to build his star destroying weapon using the power of the six Soul-Gems. Gamora attacked Thanos, hoping to end his madness with his life. She failed.

Warlock found the dying Gamora on a remote asteroid. With her last few breaths she told of her master’s mad plan. Before she died, her spirit was absorbed by the Soul-Gem.

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