Fighting Incredible
Agility Incredible
Strength Excellent
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Excellent
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Remarkable

Health 130
Karma 70
Resources Remarkable
Popularity 0 (-50 to the criminal underworld)


Hypnosis: If Foreigner makes eye contact with an opponent he can cause them to “black-out” for up to three rounds. During this period his opponent will be unable to act and will be unaware of what is going on around him. This hypnotic trance will always last for three rounds unless it’s victim is attacked during that period. Resisting the effect of Foreigner’s hypnosis is impossible for targets who have a Psyche lower than his own. Targets of equal Psyche can resist on a Yellow FEAT roll, and those with mental powers or some sort of psionic screening can resist on a green result. Foreigner cannot hypnotize a person with a higher Psyche than his own. Foreigner may be able to affect a group of people with his hypnotic powers, provided all are in line of sight and looking at his eyes.


Foreigner is very well-connected in the underworld and on the black market. He has access to any technology and weapons he requires.


Disguise, Acting, Detective/Espionage Sharp and Blunt Weapons, Weapon Specialist: Guns and Rifles, Marksman, Martial Arts A and C, Thrown Objects, Tumbling
Special: Foreigner is trained in the pressure points of the human body. On any Red result in Slugfest, he is considered to have hit on of these pressure points and his victim is unable to move for one round. Endurance FEATs versus the effects of one of these nerve punches are made at -1CS


Underworld, Black Market


Though a great deal of the Foreigner’s past is still shrouded in mystery, it is known that he was once married to the Silver Sable. The nature of their present relationship is such that, on at least one occasion, Sable was willing to set aside their personal “death feud” to aid her ex-husband. The exact nature and extent of Foreigner’s criminal organization has not been fully revealed. At one time, he was known to operate an import and export business under both the names Rahael Sabitini and Foreigner. Whether this business was largely just a front used in his plan to frame Spider-Man or if it is still in operation as a legitimate business maintaining offices in New York City is unknown.

Sabitini first met Spider-Man, accompanied by his then partner the Black Cat, at the New York offices of his import/export business. The Black Cat, who admitted to knowing the Foreigner but would not go into details of when they had met, set up this meeting because she felt that he may have had some in formation as to who was trying to kill the two crime fighters. Not that there was anything underhanded about the Foreigner’s business, but he did come in contact with a lot of shady characters. Though Sabitini’s public image was actually that of a rich jet setter whose life style was supported by trafficking in legitimate merchandise, after a rather bizarre entrance, he was able to give the crime fighters the lead they were looking for. It seems, several days before, Foreigner had been approached by a small time hood named Kirk Donoghue who was interested in purchasing some small arms and incendiary firepower. He needed this equipment to kill two costumed heroes, presumably Spider-Man and the Black Cat. His motive seemed to be a combination of revenge, as he had recently completed the brief prison sentence which he was given as a result of being captured by Spider-Man, and wanting to establish a reputation for his new costumed identity as “the Blaze.” Though Sabitini had not provided him with these weapons as he “would never traffic in that sort of thing,” he was aware that Blaze had obtained them from another supplier. Sabitini then arranged a meeting with Blaze which Spider-Man and the Black Cat kept in his stead.

In reality, Donoghue’s weapons had been supplied by Foreigner, who was paying him $10,000 to battle Spider-Man and the Black Cat with promise of a $20,000 bonus for killing them. Donoghue had figured he was being set up, and realizing he would not be able to take out the two heroes, offered to let them buy him out his contract for thirty grand. As added incentive, Donoghue had taken a hostage whom he said he would release as part of the deal. Spidey and the Cat would not go along with the deal and easily defeated Blaze and his hired goons. Unfortunately, the woman they had taken hostage had already been assaulted and murdered. Before Blaze had a chance to tell Spider-Man he had actually been hired by Foreigner, Lieutenant Kris Keating of NYPD showed up and took him into custody. Keating attributed his timely arrival to having been tipped off by a passerby who had seen the heroes entering the building. In reality, this was not Kris Keating at all, but Foreigner in disguise.

Disguised as Keating, Foreigner entered Donoghue’s cell and killed him. He then tore the barred window from the wall and called for the guards. When the guard arrived, Keating/Foreigner told them that Spider-Man had kicked in the widow and knocked him unconscious. When one of the guards discovered Donoghue was dead, Keating claimed it must have been a revenge hit because Blaze had tied to kill Spider-Man’s girlfriend. Thus Foreigner had achieved his original object—framing Spider-Man for murder. Foreigner felt that this would leave Spider-Man nowhere to turn but to his organization for protection.

When Spider-Man, now in his identity as Peter Parker, returned home, he overheard the Cat on the phone with Foreigner discussing how they had set him up. The Cat escaped out the window and Peter was unable to follow. Eventually, however, he did learn that Felicia was hiding out at Foreigner’s apartment, information which Felicia intentionally leaked to Spider-Man. Spider-Man showed up and engaged the Foreigner in single combat. Foreigner, using his powers of hypnosis, was getting the better of Spider-Man until Spidey closed his eyes and used his spider sense rather than his vision to track the Foreigner’s movements and time his approach. Foreigner left just before the police arrived and captured Spider-Man, still wanted for the murder of Donoghue. The Black Cat then gave the police photographs that proved Donoghue was actually murdered by Kris Keating. Her motive for doing this was to pay Spider-Man back in a twisted sort of way. She wanted to help him even though he hated her and did not want her help in much the same way as she had hated him when he saved her from Sabertooth when she did not want his help. The only problem was that somewhere along the way, while setting him up and pretending to fall in love with Spider-Man, she actually had fallen in love with him and pulling off the set-up did not feel as good as it should have. Also having double crossed Foreigner, she knew he would want to kill her, and she had to leave the country for awhile.

For his part, Foreigner had viewed the whole affair as much as a test of Felicia’s loyalty as a way to get Spider-Man, and he supposed he would have to kill her when he got around to it. He actually regretted losing Keating more. He had killed the real Keating, who had no family nor anyone else close to him, several years before. Some two dozen men had impersonated him at one time or another, a sort of training assignment for new recruits to Foreigner’s disguise corp. The Blaze killing, however, Foreigner had handled himself as he would not trust that to underlings. Foreigner was last seen at one of his hideaways in the company of his charming ex-wife, Silver Sable.

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