Firestorm V

Ron Raymond

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Incredible
Strength Amazing
Endurance Amazing
Reason Good
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Excellent

Health 170
Karma 60
Resources Good
Popularity 30


Phasing: Firestorm can disperse his own molecular structure in order to pass through solid matter with Monstrous ability
Energy Absorption: Remarkable
Body Resistance: Remarkable
Energy Emmision: Unearthly
True Flight: Unearthly in atmosphere, and Shift-Y in vacuum
Heat Emmision-Eyes: Incredible
Molecular Conversion: Firestorm’s unique nuclear-molecular structure allows him control over the structure of matter, allowing him to reshape it into any form desired with Unearthly effect
Elemental Conversion: Monstrous
Regeneration: Excellent
Self Sustenance: Firestorm can survive for extended periods without the need for either food or water.
Enhanced Vision: His matter control allows him to “see” patterns in matter, enabling him to perceive heat patterns, as well as see through the use of radio waves and radar.
UV Vision: Remarkable
Thermal Vision: Remarkable
Microscopic Vision: Excellent
Telescopic Vision: Excellent
Alter Ego:
Fighting Excellent
Agility Good
Strength Good
Endurance Excellent
Reason Good
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Excellent

Health 60
Karma 60


Firestorm no longer has access to the mind of a physics professor, severely limiting his knowledge of atomic structure. He can now only reshape small quantities of matter into simple shapes. -2CS to FEAT rolls unless Firestorm can communicate with someone who has a firm grasp of chemistry.
Energy Emmision and conversion powers cannot be used while phased.
Ronnie Raymond is an Alchoholic




JLA , Vandemeer University , Extreme Justice, Ray Palmer, Firestorm IV, Firehawk, Mikail Arkadin/Pozhar Rasputin


During a terrorist attack on an experimental nuclear power plant, Professor Martin Stein and teenage jock Ronnie Raymond were fused together into Firestorm (I), the Nuclear Man. As the nuclear-powered hero, they were members of the Justice League and worked as a team to defeat menaces such as Black Bison and Killer Frost. During a battle with the Soviet hero Pozhar, Firestorm suffered one of his “attacks” and split into Stein and Raymond.

Raymond and Pozhar merged to form a new Firestorm (II) when they were hit with a nuclear missile. This Firestorm had a mind of his own, but still required Pozhar and Raymond to merge. Eventually, Firestorm learned that he was Earth’s fire elemental.

Raymond and Pozhar were submerged into Firestorm’s consciousness as he took his place among Earth’s protectors and remained Firestorm (III) permanently. Eventually it was revealed that Stein was intended to be the “top” Fire Elemental of the Universe. An attempt to ascend Stein took place, eventually destroying Firestorm III, splitting him back into his component parts of Pozhar and Ronnie Raymond.

Stein became the Universal Fire Elemental (Firestorm IV)and departed the Earth. Ronnie went on to become a moderately successful male model, and developed a slight drinking problem. When Ronnie learned that his time as Firestorm had given him a rare form of Leukemia, he went to his old friends in the Justice League to seek a cure.

After little luck, Ronnie promptly burst into flames. Extreme Justice was called in, and eventually Stein returned to the Earth. As it turned out, the Firestorm powers had been “written” into his meta-gene, and he still possessed the power, but in a dormant state. Stein “rebooted” Ronnie’s genetic structure, allowing the original Firestorm powers to return, as well as eliminating Ronnie’s leukemia. Ronnie then returned to action as Firestorm (V). He is currently working on his alcoholism.

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