Identity: Pyreus Kril

Fighting Amazing
Agility Monstrous
Strength Amazing
Endurance Unearthly
Reason Remarkable
Intuition Monstrous
Psyche Amazing

Health 275
Karma 155
Resources Not Applicable
Popularity 0

True Flight: Class 1000, Unearthly in atmosphere
Invulnerability: Class 1000 resistance to Fire, Heat, Cold, Radiation, Toxins, Disease and Aging
Power Cosmic: Firelord has he Power Cosmic at Unearthly rank, typically using it for fiery effects. In deep space Firelord has Class 1000 flame generation and control which are restricted to Unearthly in an atmosphere. He can channel cosmic radiation into his body and transform it into useful forms such as:

He can channel the power directly into his Primary Abilities to either raise Agility to Unearthly or his Strength to Shift-X. He can use the power to self-heal up to Unearthly damage in a single turn.
Plasma Generation: Firelord has the ability to emit blasts of Unearthly intensity from his hands.
Self-Regeneration with Unearthly ability.
Heal Others with Unearthly ability. He cannot restore lost Endurance Ranks.
Molecular Conversion: Reconstitute matter to his own desires.
Detect energy and type anywhere on a planet, with Unearthly ability.
Elemental Conversion, Molecular Conversion, Mechanical Creation with Unearthly ability
Energy Sheath: His body is surrounded by an energy field that gives him Monstrous resistance to physical attacks and Unearthly resistance to energy attacks.
Self-Sustenance: He does not need to breathe, eat, or drink anything to sustain his life.
Life Detection: He has the Unearthly ability to detect the presence of life energies within 500 light years.
Energy Detection: Firelord can detect any form of energy with Unearthly ability within 500 light years.


Leadership, Astro-Navigation


Silver Surfer


Pyreus Kril was serving as first officer aboard the Xandarian explorer ship Way-Opener when his comander and friend, Gabriel Lan, was unexpectedly abducted by a teleportation beam. Vowing to rescue him, Kril assumed command of the Way-Opener and began to pursue the huge ship that transmited the beam. Kril would later learn that the ship belonged to Galactus, the world-devourer,who was seeking a new herald (since his first herald, the Silver Surfer, betrayed him) and found a worthy candidate in Gabriel Lan. Using his cosmic power Galactus transformed Lan into the Air-Walker. For years Lan served Galactus faithfully, while his ex-crewman Kril followed Galactus’s wake of destruction. When Galactus was attacked by a powerful race called the Ovoids, the Air-Walker was slain defending his master. Galactus transferred his heralds dwindling life-force into that of a replica, but the replica was not enough like his loyal herald to please Galactus. Thus he dispatched the Air-Walker automaton to Earth to summon the Silver Surfer back to active duty. The Surfer refused, destroying the automaton in the process. Persuaded to leave Earth without the Surfer, Galactus returned to the stars heraldless, not even bothering to claim the remains of the Air-walker replica.

It was then that Pyreus Kril caught up with him. Boldly teleporting himself aboard Galactus’s ship, Kril demanded the release of his former commander. Galactus was impressed by the xandarian spaceman’s determination, and offered to tell Kril of his former commander’s fate if he agreed to become his new herald. Kril agreed and was transformed by the power of Galactus into Firelord. Though Galactus kept his side of the bargain, he suppressed the knowledge he had given Kril so that he might send him on a mission to Earth.

Firelord was released from active service when the Earth god Thor offered Galactus the Asgardian construct called the Destroyer in exchange for Firelord’s freedom. Unlike the Surfer, who was sentenced to remain on Earth for his treason, Firelord was free to leave. Yet Firelord chose to remain because of his subliminal memory that the Earth was the final resting place of the remains of his friend. Months later, when the Air-Walker automaton reactivated itself, he remembered the reason for his compulsion to remain. Taking custody of the automaton (which was wrecked once more in battle with Thor), Firelord bore him into space, where he buried the remains on an asteroid in their home star system.

Free from his only tie to Earth, Firelord returned to his native Xandar, only to find his world had been destroyed by the space pirate Nebula.He then joined forces with Nebula’s great uncle Starfox to track her down.

He later joined forces with the other heralds (including the once again resurrected replicant Air-Walker) created by Galactus to rest the power cosmic from the “new” herald, the psychopathic Morg. After Morg’s “apparent” death Firelord chose to stay with Galactus and serve again as herald along with Air-Walker, who had been downloaded into the word ships mainframe to preserve his life. Firelord was again released from service when Morg’s secret resurection had been completed in Galactus’s restorative tanks. He now roams space, his passion for justice and retribution often landing him into adventure.

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