Identity: Bonita Juarez

Fighting Good
Agility Good
Strength Typical
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Typical
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Remarkable

Health 56
Karma 56
Resources Typical
Popularity 10

Heat Generation and Manipulation: Firebird can generate and manipulate heat with Amazing ability. She can perform the following stunts:

Air Control: By altering the immediate air temperatures, Firebird can create Remarkable strength wind within one area. By creating thermal updrafts and convection currents, she can move upto 10 tons on material as if she had Incredible telekinesis.
Firebird Effect: Firebird can fill three areas (including her own) with a flame blast of Amazing intensity shaped like a bird.
Flame Sheath: Firebird surrounds herself with a sheath of Incredible heat that destroys items of upto Incredible material strength. Anyone touching Firebird recieves Incredible heat damage.
Flight: Firebird can fly at Excellent air speed.
Heat Bolts: Firebird can project bolts of Amazing intensity heat to a range of 2 areas. These bolts cause force (heated air blast) or flame damage.
Heat Absorption and storage: Firebird can absorb and store Amazing amounts of heat.

Invulnerability: Firebird has Class 1000 resistance to Fire and Heat. She is also immune to Disease, Poisons and the vacuum of space.


Religion, Social Work




Bonita Juarez’s legacy extends to the Old West of Spanish occupation of what is now the American Southwest. Her ancestor, Carlotta, was similar to Bonita in many ways, travelling to a New Mexico mission when she stopped to aided the time-lost Avengers when Hawkeye was severly hurt. Her later ancestors were similarly devout, and Bonita grew up to become a capable social worker for her community.

Distraught over not helping her people enough, Bonita fled her Priest’s car, running into the desert, where she met a flaming fireball falling from the sky. The fireball gave Bonita her powers, and she saw this a sign from God to fight injustice as Firebird, eventually teaming up with other southwestern heroes in the Rangers.

With the Rangers, Firebird came in contact with the Avengers’ west coast branch and fought the demonic Shooting Star alongside them. She stayed with them briefly, hoping to be asked to join their vacant membership slot, but was never asked, and she eventually left the team. While the Avengers came looking for her to ask her to join, Firebird was starting a spiritual journey which led her to breifly adopt the name La Espirita. As Espirita, she returned to the Avengers’ west coast mansion just in time to stop Hank Pym from committing suicide. Together, they found the time-lost Avengers’ message (given way back when to Carlotta) and helped rescue them and defeat the villainous alien computer, Dominus. Espirita did not stay with the Avengers long, but parted good company and presumably accepted their membership offer.

Bonita was later captured by various assembled aliens, who revealed to her that the flaming fireball that gave her powers was a discarded child’s experiment. Breifly engaging a crisis of faith, Bonita nonetheless decided that God was still responsible for her powers, but still returned to her other code-name, Firebird.

Firebird was among the assembled Avengers who have appeared at various membership meetings, and was called in to help clean up Hydrobase during the so-called “Acts of Vengence” affair, which brought her and other Avenging women against several berserk androids.

Firebird retains her Avengers status, and while preferring to adventure in the Southwest and do social work, she has teamed up with them for various adventures, notably when the Avengers reformed after many of their number had been believed dead, and when the Avengers and the Thunderbolts teamed up to stop the alien Dominex, a remnant of the Dominus computer.

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