Beatriz DaCosta

Fighting Excellent
Agility Excellent
Strength Good
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Good
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Excellent

Health 80
Karma 50
Resources Excellent
Popularity 20


True Flight: Fire can fly at Incredible air speed.
Fire Control: Beatriz possesses Remarkable control over any flame
Resist to Fire: Unearthly reistance to flame and heat
Fire Generation: Emit Amazing intensity flames up to 10 areas.
Fireballs: Monstrous damage, three area range
Flame Energy Sheath: Fire can melt with Remarkable ability normal projectiles that pass through her sheath. Anyone touching her suffers Remarkable fire damage when the sheath is active.
Remarkable body armor against weapons of less that Amazing material Strength.

Due to the nature of her sheath, Fire has no protection against cold or wind based attacks.


Martial Arts B and C, Detective/Espionage, Guns


JLI, Global Guardians, Fashion Industry, Ice


Once a Brazilian model and artist, Beatriz (Bea) Bonilla da Costa soon found herself working in the Brazilian espionage network. She soon proved to be one of their best spies, but ran into trouble on a mission and was trapped in a laboratory as it exploded. No one was injured, but Bea, was soon imbued with the ability to breathe green flame as a result of a mishap with a powerful pyroplasm gun.

She became wanted by Brazilian secret service because her failure to return a working version of the pyroplasm weapon, which was totally destroyed. Bea decided to run to Paris, dyed her brown hair green, and joined the Global Guardians taking up a career as a costumed defender of the planet.

There, she met the heroine who would become her best friend, Ice Maiden II, Tora Olafsdotter, a princess of the mythic Ice People of Northern Norway. When the Global Guardians were disbanded in favor of the Justice League International, needing money, she decided to join the JLI and persuaded Ice Maiden II to go with her. She managed to gain acceptance with the JLI and proved to be a valuable ally during the invasion of Lord Manga Khan.

During the Invasion, Bea was affected by the gene-bomb. Her powers went out of control and she even went into a coma for a couple of days. When she recovered Bea found her powers modified, for now she became able to turn her whole body into a green flame, fly in that state, and being far more dangerous that she used to be. Green Flame changed her name to Fire.

In a fight against Doomsday, she used her powers to their whole extension and her flame seemed to have burned away, until an attack by the Overmaster, who mentally controlled and apparently killed Ice, ignited her flame again.

She continued as a member of the Justice League through its various crises since then until the current incarnation, to which she wasn’t invited.

She’s still active throughout Latin America and especially in her home country, Brazil. Sometimes, she joins forces with Martian Manhunter, her former colleague at JLA to cope with some latin-american super-villains. Her most powerful enemy, though, seems to be sexism in Brazil and Latin America as a whole, which causes her to be underestimated as crimefighter just because she is a woman.

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