Fabian Cortez

Fabian Cortez

Fighting Excellent
Agility Good
Strength Typical
Endurance Excellent
Reason Excellent
Intuition Good
Psyche Good

Health 56
Karma 40
Resources Good
Popularity 0


Power Amplification: Cortez has the ability to amplify the powers of another mutant, increasing their power by +3CS. Cortez must touch his subject to use his power, requiring a sucessful Fighting FEAT roll in combat. The duration of the enhancement varies, wearing off within 3d10 turns.
Cortez can also use this ability to heal others with Remarkable ability.

After extended use, his power amplification can be highly addictive to his target, who gains a greater tolerance and needs greater and greater amounts of Cortez’ amplifications. This requires a successful Green Endurance FEAT to avoid. Should the FEAT fail, the next use requires a Yellow Endurance FEAT to avoid addtiction. Failure indicates a red FEAT on the next attempt. Failing the red FEAT means the target’s power has stretched to the point of burning out (power loss for 1d10 weeks) or he/she dies altogether. Or both!!


Martial Arts B, Genetics, Pilot




Fabian Cortez was always a mysterious villain. When he first appeared, he offered Magneto, in his Asteroid M, his mutant allies, who he called Magneto´s Acolytes. Fabian seemed to worship Magneto, but the real fact is that he was trying to kill Erik, in order to ascend in the ranks of the Upstarts. Fabian began to use his mutant powers on Magneto, until he finally began to “fade” away, when his own power started to consume him. Fabian Cortez escaped, and then formed a new group of Acolytes, to serve him now.

He became the most powerful member of the Upstarts, but when the Game Master discovered that Erik was alive, his points were taken. Furious, Fabian Cortez tried to gain more points by kidnapping Magneto´s granddaughter, Luna, Quicksilver´s daughter. This happened during the Blood Ties Crossover, that involved both X-Men and Avengers. Meanwhile, the Acolytes, realizing that their leader was a fake, got a new mentor, the man called Exodus, who called himself as the emissary of Magneto.

Exodus ultimately found Fabian Cortez in a bunker in Genosha and killed him with his psionic powers. Recently, Cortez returned, already making plans to gain more power, by making Exodus and Joseph to fight against each other. After some time under the orders of Exodus, Cortez once became is a member of Magneto´s Acolytes.

Later, Cortez who tried to oust Exodus and lead the Acolytes once again, however, his leadership was rejected by the other Acolytes. Magneto offered Cortez a chance to redeem himself by joining him. Cortez accepted and became one of Magneto’s advisors. However, Cortez began using his powers to influence Magneto’s once again, as Magneto’s powers were nearly burnt out. Magneto eventually restored his powers to full strength and he killed Cortez.

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