David Connor

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Incredible
Strength Unearthly
Endurance Amazing
Reason Remarkable
Intuition Good
Psyche Remarkable

Health 220
Karma 70
Resources Not Applicable
Popularity 0


Class 3000 Solar Absorption and Storage that provides Eradicator with mass amounts of energy that support all his other powers and abilities. He may direct this stored energy to enhance the following abilities:
Kryptonian Physiology: Exposure to a Yellow sun alters a Kryptonian to allow great physical abilities that provide Eradicator with the Agility, Strength, and Endurance Ranks listed under statistics and includes the following powers.
Invulnerabilities: He has Class 1000 resistance to Heat, Cold Radiation and Disease.
Phasing: Monstrous
Energy Blast: He can generate Monstrous energy blasts from his hands.
True Flight: Unearthly in atmosphere. Class 1000 in space
Hypnotic Control: Amazing ability however limited to contact with the target.
Electrical Generation- Lightning: Monstrous
Molecular Conversion: Eradicator can break down and restructure the physical properties of objects with Unearthly ability.
Self Sustenance: Eradicator doesn’t Eat, Excrete, Sleep or breathe
Telekinesis: Monstrous
Telepathy: He is telepathically linked to Superman, and is able to read his mind with Incredible rank.

Eradicator is vulnerable to Krytonite an irradiated ore from the planet of Krypton. He is powered by a particular wavelength of light which happens to be rather abundant in our sun. Kryptonite either destroys or interrupts this because it’s radiation is in a band which is similar to sunlight, but causes a different process to occur. In other words, the kryptonite radiation “chases out” the sunlight as follows:
Green Kryptonite: causes his body’s cells to deteriorate, similar to radiation poisoning in a human being. Exposure to Green Kryptonite causes Eradicator to lose all his powers at -1CS per round. He also loses 1 rank of Strength and Endurance (with its loss of Health) per round until death occurs at Shift-0 Endurance. Removal of the Green Kryptonite enables Eradicator’s body to regain lost ranks at a rate of one per round.
Red Kryptonite: causes bizzare changes in Eradicator’s body at a Unearthly rank. Changes in the past have included a beserk-madness rage and personal shrinking at a Incredible rank. It is up to the game judge to assign an effect at the time of the exposure to Red Kryptonite. These changes last for one day per round of exposure to the Red Kryptonite.
Gold kryptonite: Gold kryptonite robs Eradicator of all super abilities and powers and they then have the same stats of a normal human of the same height,weight and build.
Eradicator also has a vulnerability to magic attacks and the effects of magic. Magical attacks directly effect Superman ignoring any resistances or invulnerabilities. Further more any magical effect is increased +1CS in duration against Superman.
Eradicator’s powers are based on solar radiation from Earth’s yellow sun. Should he be deprived of this radiation for an extended period he will gradually loose his powers dropping at the rate of -1CS every round until they are no more. Addtionally his physical abilities will reduce at -1CS every round until reaching Typical levels.
Due to a flaw in his creation, the Eradicator is vulnerable to bright lights. They cause him great pain and he has to wear sun glasses to operate normally. A flash of Remarkable intensity or higher light causes him to require a roll on the Universal table against stunning.


Biology, Kryptonian Culture, Navigation, Engineering


Outsiders, Superman


The Eradicator began life as an inanimate machine, one of the All, brought to Krypton by the Cleric’s people. Kem-L confiscated the device and radically altered its programming. The thoughts and goals of Kem-L imprinted onto the Eradicator transforming it into a weapon designed to protect and preserve the Kryptonian way of life. It possessed an amazing array of abilities including unlimited information storage, sensory systems that could monitor Krypton from half-way across the galaxy and the ability to restructure matter at will. The authorities tried to use the Eradicator against a peaceful protest by the followers of the Cleric, but its operator fumbled the controls and destroyed a vast track of surrounding land.

Only the Cleric survived the devastation as he alone was protected by the device’s original programming. He decided that the Eradicator was far too powerful to be left in the hands of the Kryptonian authorities so he smuggled it off of Krypton. The Eradicator’s influence slowly over took the Cleric. Its energies kept him alive long past his natural lifespan as it used him as a custodian until it could pass pack into Kryptonian hands. All the time its scanners were locked on Krypton, recording and monitoring the planet’s subsequent history and development, and constantly updating its internal programs. Meanwhile the Cleric had been captured by the slavers of Warworld and he took up a bleak residence on one of Warworld’s small asteroid moons.

Kal-El, the last surviving Kryptonian and a remote descendant of Kem-L had temporarily exiled himself from Earth when he was also captured by Warworld’s forces. The Eradicator sensed the presence of the Kryptonian and released his hold on the Cleric. The dying holyman’s last act was to pass on the Eradicator to the rightful heir of Krypton. Superman buried the Cleric and then used the Eradicator to teleport himself across a vast interstellar distance to Earth. The Eradicator began trying to subconsciously influence Superman, to subvert his humanity and transform him into the perfect emotionless Kryptonian. However the Eradicator seemed unstable, it started mutating Jimmy Olsen’s DNA and emitting intermittent bursts of power.

Superman, knowning that the Eradicator was dangerous, hid it in a remote Antarctic ice crevasse. Out of sight the Eradicator enthralled two “nearby” geologists and build a massive Fortress of Solitude out of materials pulled from the Phantom Zone. Its influence on Kal-El became stronger forcing him to quit his job at the Daily Planet and briefly take up an editorial position at Newstime magazine, just because it was the emotionless logical thing to do. It also subverted his Superman identity transforming him into the Krypton Man. It took a confrontation with the Kents for Kal-El to throw off the Eradicator’s influence long enough to hurl it into the Sun.

Only the physical casing of the Eradicator was destroyed in the Sun. Its energy matrix and programming survived and merged with the energies of the Sun. This allowed it to take humanoid form and for its sentience to fully develop. It slowly began to transform the sun into a red star and returned to Earth with the intention of transforming it and its people into a new Krypton. Superman tried to oppose the Eradicator, but found that he was unable to touch its spectral body. It was Professor Emil Hamiliton was used that Soul Gem of Mister Z to ensnare the Eradicator. Its “electronic” soul couldn’t survive within the Gem’s astral prison and was dissipated.

The dormant essence of the Eradicator was awakened by the death of Superman and it reformed its body from material within his tomb. It took Superman’s the body to the Fortress of Solitude where it used advanced Kryptonian science akin to the Birthing Matrix to return Kal-El to life. However the process took time and the Eradicator began using Superman’s body as a solar energy converter. The Eradicator imprinted the memories and goals of Superman and started masquerading as one of the four supermen that appeared in Metropolis. His rebirth disrupted his direct link with the Sun and he was forced to wear a visor to shield his sensitive eyes. Superman eventually returned to battle the Cyborg, but was almost killed by Kryptonite radiation. The Eradicator put himself between Superman and the radiation, using his energy matrix to alter the polarity of the radiation, restoring Superman to full power, but in the process rendered himself inert.

The body of the inert Eradicator was flown to STAR labs for study by xeno-biologist David Connor. Connor was depressed, he was suffering from a terminal cancer and his wife was in the process of divorcing him. It appeared that Connor was killed when he used an energy surge to reawaken the Eradicator, but there was enough time for his memories to be imprinted onto the blank slate of the Eradicator. The new Eradicator convinced Superman that it was actually David Connor and tried to make a life for itself as a superhero — even to the extent of joining the troubled Outsiders superhero team.

The Eradicator believed that it was David Connor and had somehow swapped minds with the Eradicator, but it began having visions of other people and of Krypton — the memories that the Eradicator had imprinted over the centuries were beginning to reassert themselves. The Eradicator took his conflicts to a virtual world within the Phantom Zone where two software ghosts of the Cleric and of Kem-L each debated for the soul of the Eradicator. He learned the truth of his origins and managed to dump a lot of his Kryptonian programming. Unfortunately there was enough for Kem-L’s spectre to absorb and escape from the Zone. The Eradicator was able to destroy the monstrous form of the Kryptonian program, but David Connor’s ex-wife was killed in the battle. He was now free from his destructive programming, but the Eradicator seemed to withdrawal from human society. It only appeared briefly to serve with groups like the Superman Rescue Squad.

A few years later the main Kryptonian program that was buried within the remains of the Fortress of Solitude was reawakened and tried to restart its transformation of the Earth. Superman temporally halted it, but it mentally attacked the humanoid Eradicator. The two heroes then joined forces to fight Brainiac 13’s attack on Metropolis. During the course of the battle the Eradicator sensed that the other Eradicator intended to join with the Brainiac Virus. In order to stop him Eradicator/Connor merged with the Eradicator/program and with the last remnants of his free will he pulled both Eradicators into interstellar space. Months later the merged Eradicator returned warning of the approach of Imperiex. He was nearly insane; ranting the end of the human race was close and that he was there to bear witness. Superman was forced to imprison the distrubed Eradicator within a zero point energy trap in the Steelworks.

The Eradicator’s delicate psyche was not helped when it learned of the existence of a false Krypton within the Phantom Zone. It couldn’t accept this new Krypton’s existence and would have tried to destroy it if Superman had not been able to trap the Eradicator by welding him to the main support of the Fortress of Solitude. Only the truth about B13’s involvement with the new Krypton helped sooth the Eradicator and restore his sanity [Return to Krypton II; Part IV]. Since then he has remained in the Fortress of Solitude and only briefly left to assist Dr Irons in dissipating a time storm that was ravaging Metropolis. It appears that the Eradicator has buried its demons and now accepts its position as a more benevolent, if distant, guardian of Krypton’s history.

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