Identity: None*
Origin: Artificially Generated Human
Gender: Appears Female but is unable to reproduce
Ethnicity: Asian


  • Fighting: Good 10
  • Agility: Good 10
  • Strength: Good 10
  • Endurance: Amazing 50
  • Reason: Good 10
  • Intuition: Incredible 40
  • Psyche: Poor 4

Health: 80
Karma: 0
Resources: Poor 3
Popularity: 0
Initiative: +3

Powers: 3/3

  • Energy Absorption, Rank: Amazing 50
  • Energy Detection, Rank: Amazing 50
  • Blue Energy Generation, Rank: Unearthly 100

Weakness: The Ener-gina organism is bred at an accelerated pace, they lack a sense of self and identity*. Their reactions follow a strict logic tree programmed into their genetic code as such they can only respond to a limited array of commands. Due to their accelerated growth they receive a growth inhibitor which causes a deterioration of their endocrine system. Once mature they do not show signs of aging but their life is only sustained for a period of 12 days.


  • All sciences


  • AIM-Zytron-174; 500 Level A Haz-mat Underlay: Amazing protection from radiation, toxins, corrosives, fire& heat, electricity. Provides Amazing protection to senses.
  • AIM-IASGO-417 (Individual Armor System for Ground Operations) Body Armor provides Remarkable protection from physical attacks and Excellent protection from energy attacks. Medium weave causes -1cs Agility when used.


Known Affiliations: AIM

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