Marius St. Croix

Fighting Good
Agility Good
Strength Excellent
Endurance Amazing
Reason Good
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Incredible

Health 90
Karma 70
Resources Excellent
Popularity -10


Energy Vampirism: Emplate is a mutant who must feed on the bone marrow of mutants in order to remain in this physical plane. He feeds on his subjects by physical contact with fanged mouths that are embedded in the palms of each of his hands.If he is denied sustenance, Emplate is thrown into a pocket dimension where he is the subject of constant torture. He is also able to absorb the powers of a mutant that he feeds on for an extended period of time with Unearthly ability. This provides the following abilities.
Gain the power of the mutant being siphoned, after multiple feeds he gains the power permanently
Rechannel siphoned energy as an energy blast of up to Monstrous damage
Drain 1 Endurance rank per turn until death occurs
Drain and then control (as puppetry) with Remarkable ability
Emplate is able to turn anyone he chooses, presumably by physical contact, into a creature like himself, requiring the enslaved human or mutant to feed on mutant bone marrow. It has not been revealed whether this transformation is permanent, if the subject could willingly fight it off, or if Emplate can reverse the process.
Mutant Energy Detection: Amazing ability to know everything about a mutants powers and his surface thoughts and memories
Diamond skin: Due to multiple and extended siphonings from Penance, Emplate gained the same power she has at Remarkable rank.
Dimensional Travel: Emplate can phase a little bit out of this dimension, this gives him Remarkable invisibilty and phasing.


Due to extensive physical damage that Emplate has suffered while in the pocket dimension, he is unable to survive on Earth without the use of a respirator. The length of time on Earth that Emplate can survive without a respirator is unknown.






Emplate is the brother of Monet St Croix (M). As children, Marius was constantly put down by Monet, causing his anger and frustration with his younger sister to grow over the years. When mutant powers manifested, they threw him into a pocket dimension. In the pocket dimension, Marius discovered that he could return to Earth by feeding on the marrow of mutants.

When Emplate came to Monet, asking if she wanted to help him take over the world, Monet once again ran her mouth. Finally fed up with her attitude, Emplate magically transformed Monet into the creature known as Penance. For years, Monet was trapped in the diamond-hard, razor-sharp body of Penance.

Being a “genetic vampire”, Marius kept her as a prisoner and used her as his primary source of sustenance for what is believed to be a few years, until Gateway freed her. Needless to say, Emplate and Monet have some serious unresolved issues with each other…

In an effort to gain power, Emplate intercepted the mutant Chamber as he was arriving in the United States. Emplate was stopped by Chamber and the members of the mutant team Generation X, which included his sister Monet. Later that day the aborigine known as Gateway rescued Penance from Emplate’s capture, and brought her to the newly re-opened Massachusetts Academy, which housed the rest of Generation X.

In order to recapture Penance and Chamber, Emplate teamed up with a number of mutants, humans, and mutants he had enslaved with his mutant power, including Lady Gayle Edgarton, who had lost the use of her legs when Chamber’s powers manifested. Renaming themselves the New Hellions, Emplate and his slaves attacked the Massachusetts Academy. The New Hellions were driven back by Generation X with help from the X-Man Bishop. Emplate was defeated by Penance, who betrayed him as he was about to kill Generation X. Before his defeat, however, Emplate managed to enslave the Generation X member Synch, turning him into an energy vampire such as himself, and Synch was teleported to his home town of St. Louis. With the help of the mutants Jubilee, Husk, and M, Synch was able to resist Emplate’s influence and return to human form.

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