Drax, the Destroyer

Drax, the Destroyer
Identity: Arthur Douglas

Fighting Incredible
Agility Remarkable
Strength Unearthly
Endurance Unearthly
Reason Poor
Intuition Typical
Psyche Amazing

Health 270
Karma 60
Resources Poor
Popularity 10

Immortality: Drax cannot be slain by physical means. Drax can only be killed by a mental attack.
Invulnerability: Class 1000 resistance vs Heat, Cold, Electricity, Radiation, Toxins, and Disease. However, Drax can be stunned and slammed by physical attacks.
Life Support: Unearthly
Regeneration and Recovery: Unearthly
Force Beams: Drax can fire beams of Amazing Force and range from his hands.
True Invulnerability: Incredible
Flight: Drax can fly at Class 1000 speeds in space, but is reduced to Monstrous speeds in a planetary atmosphere.
Strength Boost: +2CS with a maximum of Shift-Y strength when he gets mad.

Power Gem: the power gem boosts Drax’s statistics by +2CS to the following levels.

Fighting Monstrous
Agility Amazing
Strength Shift-Y
Endurance Shift-Y

Health 525

Other powers due to the power gem’s presence include:
Energy Generation: A source of infinite power, the power gem can be used to emit energy, of upto Shift-Y intensity. This may energy may come in any form Drax desires, but will be in a raw, unfocused state.
Energy Manipulation: The gem can also be used to control energy. The power gem can manipulate any form of energy at Shift-Y rank or less, and can be used to control energies it generates at +1CS. Any power stunts must developed normally.
Energy Sponge: With his control over energy, Drax can use the gem to absorb any offending energy attack, up to a Shift-Z rank, per use of the power. This energy is normally redistributed across the cosmos, so he need not worry about absorbing too much energy. Drax can choose to retain the sponged energy for immediate use, within himself, but is then subject to the limitations of this power.
Transduction: The power gem can be used to change one form of energy into another. The intensity of the FEAT roll is equal to the rank of the energy to be changed, with a maximum of Shift-Z power rank. Energy so changed will be -1CS less powerful than before.
Power Enhancement: by tapping the power of this gem, Drax may increase any power rank (or his Strength) to Shift-Y, or the current rank +1CS (whichever is higher). This enhancement lasts as long as he wills it


Resist Domination


Pip the Troll, Silver Surfer, Moondragon, Warlock


Real estate agent Arthur Douglas, his wife Yvette, and daughter Heather, were driving across the Mohave Desert from Las Vegas to Los Angeles when a spaceship carrying the mad Titanian named Thanos passed overhead on a surveillance mission to Earth.Wishing to keep his existence a secret, Thanos destroyed the automobile in case its passengers had seen his ship, and then landed to make certain they were dead. Satisfied that they were, Thanos left. Unknown to fhe Titanian, his father Mentor had been monitoring, his activities on Earth, to examine his son’s latest handiwork. Mentor discovered that Heather Douglas was still alive, and took her back to Titan to be raised. She later returned to Earth as Moondragon Mentor determined that the threat of his son Thanos could no longer be ignored and wanted to create a being of sufficient power to defeat Thanos.

Enlisting the aid of his father Chronos, who millenma before had become a discorporate wraith. Mentor had Chronos seize the astral form (living consciousness) of Arthur Douglas before it had completely fled from Douglas’s body. Chronos and Mentor then fashioned a humanoid body from the earth’s soil, granted it superhuman powers, and cast Douglas’ spirit inside it. Thus they created the being who would become known as Drax the Destroyer. Mentor blocked all of Drax’s memories of his old life, instilling in him monomaniacal hate for Thanos.

For years, Drax served as Thanos’s nemesis, thwarting certain of the Titanian’s plans, but never crushing Thanos himself. Thanos hired legions of alien mercenaries just to keep Drax away from him. Finally, in Thanos’s campaign to possess the Cosmic Cube, Drax in the company of the Avengers. Captain Mar Vell, and Moondragon, saw Thanos destroyed. Suddenly lacking a reason for existence, Drax wandered space in grim contemplation. By the time he learned that Thanos had managed to rematerialize himself, Thanos had once again been killed this time by being permanetly turned to stone. Drax, purposeless again, used Captain Mar-Vel as a scapegoat upon whom to vent his frustrations.

Sometime later, Drax was contacted by his daughter Moondragon and invited to join her in her journey through space in search of knowledge. Drax accepted. The two rode aboard Moondragon’s personal starship Sensia, and came upon the planet Ba Banis, a world of humanoid aliens caught in a vast civil war. Moondragon decided to usrt her mental powers to quell the conflict and then decided to set herself up as the world’s goddess Drax recognized that her ambitions were ignoble and so sent their ship to Earth with a holographic distress message The Avengers responded and discovered Moondragon’s world of mentally enforced tranquility.

Freed by the Avengers from his daughter’s mental domination, Drax advanced toward her, seeking to end her menace. In order to stop him Moondragon mentally forced Drax’s Iife essence to vacate his artificial body. Later, after subduing Moondragon and returning to Earth, the Avengers placed Drax’s body inside Sensia and sent it into space programmed to self destruct, Without Drax’s spirit inside it, Drax s body was destroyed when the Sensia exploded.

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